Kaspersky researchers have recently discovered a malicious Android RAT (Remote Access Tool ) known as BRATA, which spreads through WhatsApp while sending SMS messages.This malicious RAT mainly targets the … It targets the victims in Brazil: moreover, tentatively it is used to attack the Android individual if the cybercriminals behind it want to. BRATA is one of the new Android access tool families of the malware. Researchers at Kaspersky have described a new remote access trojan (RAT), specifically targeting Android users in Brazil. Newly discovered BRATA Android RAT found infecting Brazilian users Hacker News. This code is used in the name based on its description that’s Brazilian RAT (Remote Access Tool) Android Application. Posted on August 30, 2019 by Cyware.com. Researchers discovered a fully equipped Android RAT called "BRATA" that exclusively attacking the Android users in Brazil and launching via different sources including WhatsApp, SMS, and sponsor links in Google Search. It is primarily hosted in the form of apps on the Google Play Store, though it is also found on unofficial Android app stores. Read more! A powerful Android remote access tool (RAT) family dubbed BRATA is proliferating, with at least 20 different variants cropping up since it was first spotted in January. called their find BRATA - “Brazilian RAT Android”. The malware gets its name from a Brazilian Android RAT called GReAT which was spotted in the wild in January. It’s dubbed BRATA and is a remote access tool (RAT) spreading via WhatsApp and SMS messages to infect and spy on Brazilian Android users. The majority of the binaries have been found in the official Google Play store, masquerading as updates for the instant messaging application WhatsApp. They have named the malware BRATA, a name created via the contraction of “Brazilian RAT Android.” The first variant was detected in early 2019, with an excess of 20 variants since BRATA was first reported on. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new Android backdoor, BRATA, which has attacked exclusively Brazilian users since January. Called BRATA, which stands for Brazilian RAT Android, the malware could theoretically be used to target any other Android user, should the cybercriminals behind it want to. We used this code name based on its description – “Brazilian RAT Android”. The fresh RAT was appointed based on the Kaspersky Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) researchers ‘ description “Brazilian RAT Android,” which found it in the wilderness in January. A newly discovered Android remote access Trojan (RAT) is specifically targeting users in Brazil, Kaspersky reports. Researchers discovered a fully equipped Android RAT called “BRATA” that exclusively attacking the Android users in Brazil and launching via different sources including WhatsApp, SMS, … Kaspersky: Cybercrime is using BRATA RAT to spy mobile users in Brazil. BRATA RAT Affects the Brazilian Android Users. It exclusively targets victims in Brazil: however, theoretically it could also be used to attack any other Android user if the cybercriminals behind it want to. It spreads via WhatsApp and SMS messages, or a fake WhatsApp update in Android App stores. Attackers spreading this BRATA Android RAT since January 2019, initially hosted in Google play store and, some of the other 3rd party app stores. Android Vulnerability - A new malicious Android remote access tool (RAT) dubbed BRATA has been found targeting Brazilian users. The authors of the malware managed to upload it to Google Play, where experts counted more than 20 variations of the program. “BRATA” is a new Android remote access tool malware family.
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