Bred to kill. Every time she has a pit bull attack case she reads the owner the riot act on dangerous dog breeds. maybe be able to survive an attack, but not kill the cougar or anything. i saw a nature show where a male lion took on about 4 hyenas. Saved by Christy Garrabrant. A pitbull could easily kill a baby or old person if the pitbull had the motive to do so. Who would win rottweiler or kangal? Nov 14, 2013 - Tiger Stripped Pitbull---amazing color on pitbull! A big dog can easily kill a tiger. It doesn't get more unique than this. The tiger has adapted to a great variety of environments, from the Siberian taiga, where nights can be as cold as −40 °C (−40 °F), to the mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans, where the temperatures reach more than 40 °C (104 °F).Tigers haunt the ruins of buildings such as courts and temples and are at home in habitats ranging from dry grassland to rainforest.Grasslands, mixed … Tiger Rant • LSU Recruiting • ... Have you ever watched Judge Judy, she keeps a pit bull kill sheet on her desk. but isn't there a video with a pit bull beating a cougar in a cage? likewise, there muscles are far more efficient, and they are able to drag carcasses of a weight which a dog wouldn`t be able to move. Nov 14, 2013 - Tiger Stripped Pitbull---amazing color on pitbull! However, in a fight my bet would be on the tiger. 2 or 3 tibetian mastiff Could easily kill a tiger. Nov 10, 2015 - Pitbull that looks like a white tiger. Posted … Animals And Pets. Replies (0) 18 3. S. swifty3 Banned. The tiger would likely win considering felines are almost always above canids of the same size Consider this Grey Wolf - Upto 81 cm and 45 kg Cougar - upto 90 cm and 100 kg Even with the similar size the cougar weighs a lot more. 1 decade ago. Their claws are not retractable (to help with traction, which makes them faster), which causes them to be extremely dull, like a dog's. Animals And Pets Baby Animals Funny Animals Cute … Of course, a pitbull couldn't probably kill a full grown man or an armed navy seal. The Devil. There is a report in the book … A lion would destroy a gorilla. That is assuming you dropped it from high enough and could aim it just right. It doesn't get more unique than this. A tiger is definitely powerful enough to seriously injure or kill a pit-bull with a single blow of its paw, but these canids are extremely aggressive/ferocious and can badly wound the big cat if they attack all together. I doubt it. Therefore, it is not strange if there are many people who own the Pitbull make the Pitbull as their great protection of them and family. No I doubt a pitbull can win a fight with a mountain lion they are wild animals and could easily kill the dog. Even if a Pitbull went against a Couger, Tiger, Lion, Cheetah the Pitbull would get murdered!!!! Troll. They even have strong and powerful upper limbs, which no doubt help them fight … Mumford Moose. Animals And Pets. That was the sole purpose of the dog breed. 555. 3 Pit Bulls don't stand a chance against a tiger. Animals. A cub, yes. Police say Weeks admitted to allowing his dog to run free. Nov 24, 2001 392 0 0. . If you are thinking about the fight between Siberian Tiger vs Gorilla go through the above points to figure out who will win, so, on one side we have Siberian tiger, and on the other we have Gorilla. Dogs. Reply. Not many can face up to a mountain lion, and I doubt any could face up to a lion, tiger, jaguar, or leopard because of the size difference, but cheetahs are different. 0 0 ☆☆ Dizzy Shortman ☆☆ Lv 5. Gorilla being a herbivorous animal, can’t eat other animals. Even grizzly bears run away from mountain lions. 0 0. The Lion or Tiger would destroy the pit bull in seconds For OBVIOUS reasons. So i do believe the bear could kill them. 1 decade ago. 0 1. Then again we are talking … Mammals. Explore. Pitt Bull. Back to top. They are not effective tools when it comes to killing or fighting because they cannot slice or … Lions were pretty rare in England, the first since the Romans was seen in Henry I's royal menagerie. This dog also can be a good friend for the children because this dog is very friendly. The Pit Bull (a term commonly used to describe a few breeds of dog; the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Terrier. Sep 28 2014 13:51:48. seriously though, I gaurantee that i pitbull could kill any tiger. They were not bred to hunt and kill lions; there was … Animals And … 801. I'm a mountain shepherd, my family owns 6 Mastiffs, all guard dogs with two alpha males for protection … re: Why are Pit Bull owners offended by facts? The tiger would easily kill the pitbull since the tiger is much stronger than a pitbull. They make up 60 percent of all dog bites and make up less than 1 percent of the dog population. Saint Bernard (dog). Jul 13, 2002 #22 lion would win for sure. 6 years ago Investigators report the brown tiger striped dog ran from its home on Hallmark Road to a neighbor’s house where the neighbor says it attacked their two Pomeranians while Weeks stood nearby.
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