is the leading job board for administrative professional. However, there are certainly degrees that can help prepare students for public work, including degree programs in public policy, administration, American studies, history, and legal studies. The BPA should be considered the minimum requirement for successful entry into a public administration job. 3. To help clarify, we have gathered 25 exciting career paths in public administration. You could work in national, state, or local government. One of the fastest-growing sources of public administration jobs in recent years has been the consulting field. Whether you need to hire administrative assistants, office managers, sales support, public administration, healthcare administration, or receptionist, we can help you discover the talent you are looking for. the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Contact Career Services. The “three E’s” of public administration are economy, efficiency, and equity. Healthcare Public Administrators can earn over $86,000. For Employers. Budget Analyst If you enjoy numbers as much as you enjoy public administration, check out this career. Careers in public administration are varied and demand a wide set of skills. A typical course will include public management, decision making, civil service, budgeting, public organizations, and public-sector administration. Volunteer work, community service and internships can also help you get a job in this field. People with jobs in public administration deal with critical issues such as helping organizations meet the ever-changing needs of the general population while at the same time attempting to avoid tax increases, implementing information technologies that better connect citizens and their governmental representatives, and improving responses to natural disasters. Government Administration. Public Health by State We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information, the selection of schools, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, employment opportunities or education or … The course is synonymous to policies and frameworks of economics, political science, administrative, management, law, sociology and many other such related subjects. Careers in Public Administration. The Public Administration field alone has a wide variety of career options from budget analysis and management to policy development and enforcement. Also Read: Career in Public Administration Top Universities. You'll find public administration careers in both public and private employment sectors; although, they're more often associated with the public sector. Unlike the MBA, the MPA focuses more on ethics and sociological components than focusing solely on profit. Obtaining an entry-level public administration job in state or local government agencies generally requires two years of graduate study in urban and regional planning or equivalent work experience, in addition to undergraduate degree. Financial and Insurance Management: Public administration degree programs are great options for upcoming leaders in the public domain. The outline for this kind of job revolves around professional advice and policy-making regarding things like budgets and deadlines. A wide array of opportunities exists for individuals with a degree in this area of interest. For the time being, public administration job rates are expected to hold steady. Common job titles are city manager, governmental affairs director or policy adviser. Public policy administrators (often referred to as bureaucrats) are responsible for overseeing governmental tasks and functions and implementing solutions to society’s challenges. While public administration jobs in state and local government are expected to increase, jobs in public administration support services are increasingly being outsourced. September 10, 2018 A Master of Public Administration (MPA) helps prepare individuals to efficiently manage public or nonprofit organizations and develop policies. Recent figures indicate Professional Services and Finance Public Administrators earn approximately $102,000, and Local Government Public Administrators, excluding healthcare and education, earn around $96,000 annually. Find and apply today for the latest Public Administration jobs like Administration, Management, Infrastructure and more. MPA coursework helps prepare students for public administration careers by exposing them to a wide range of economic, legal, political and social issues within the context of the field. the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Small Business Administration (SBA), and. The US Department of State provides public administration job opportunities in seven categories: Business Management /Finance/ Economics/Accounting; Engineering; Foreign Affairs and International Policy and Operations; Human Resources/Information Technology/Legal; International and Domestic Security; Office Support Professionals; and Senior Executive Service. Earning a postgraduate degree is an excellent way to get started in public administration careers. As much as it is important to look for best research it is of equal importance to know the best institutes that can push you towards making a successful career and inculcate the skills, applications, methodologies that you will require in the professional field. As a public administration expert, you can also go on into consulting. Outsourcing of these public administration jobs does not necessarily mean that the overall number of such employment opportunities will decrease, however, because unlike private sector outsourcing, the outsourcing of public administration jobs is often handled by domestic companies that specialize in support services. They may work in local government, state government, or federal government. the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Public administration consultants work with the government and private organizations to help them maintain a favorable public image. There are many different career paths available to students who have earned a public administration degree. And the above 25 exciting careers paths in public administration is just the beginning. A: 2 years after you have obtained a bachelor’s degree. People in public administration jobs need to be able to develop short- and long-term plans and forecasts, devise and implement policy, and manage both people and programs. Positions are … Taking the time to explore potential career options within the public administration field is a worthwhile investment in your future! Careers in Public Administration. Obtaining a degree in public administration can potentially provide you with a wide range of options in the professional field. A Few Other Public Administration Careers. Internships provide invaluable experience, networking and learning opportunities. From policy implementation to education to evaluation, public health and public administration are deeply intertwined. MPA coursework is intended to help students acquire the necessary knowledge base and critical thinking skills required for public administration jobs. One of the most chosen fields for administrative professionals is in financial departments of large-scale organizations all over the country. Also known as administrative services, public administration is involved in every level of government, from town and city councils to state legislatures to the far reaches of federal government. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in public administration will prepare candidates for a leadership or managerial position in federal, state or local government, as well as in non-profit and private organizations. Jobs in public administration are performed both in the United States and abroad. Both local, state and federal governments and private businesses and companies hire those with an MPA degree making the possibilities endless. They mainly focus on delivering policies and procedural recommendations to their clients. This job with the NAPA requires a bachelor’s degree but prefers an MPA. Apply to Public Affairs Specialist, Public Health Nurse, Intern and more! Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) are civil-military units deployed throughout Afghanistan to support and enhance the national government by helping to improve security and assist with reconstruction and economic development efforts. With a degree in public administration, you will be prepared for a variety of public service careers. People who work as public administration jobs consultants analyze an organization’s operations, make recommendations for increasing efficiency and achieving goals, obtain sources of funding, and assist in developing policy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, state and local governments employed approximately 8,000,000 people in 2006. 17+ Most Lucrative Public Administration Careers There are thousands of different career paths you can choose from once you have completed your MPA degree program. People with jobs in public administration work for local and state governments, the federal government, educational institutions, the private sector, nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The list for 2009 includes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Government Accountability Office, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Intelligence Community, the Department of State, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, the General Services Administration, the Social Security Administration, and the Department of Commerce. Complete Listing of Administration Jobs & Careers. Public administration is a field of careers that center on the management of public agencies. This salary varies widely based on location, degree, experience and position. We’ll get you noticed. By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Public Administration jobs have the potential to help communities in ways that make the everyday lives of citizens easier and their government more efficient.. It’s no secret that as time goes on, most organizations grow and become more complex. The master’s of public administration (MPA), like the master’s of business administration (MBA) in its field, is widely recognized as the industry standard credential for those seeking public administration careers. Among the many governmental agencies offering opportunities for public administration careers are: The Partnership for Public Service and American University’s Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation (ISPPI) publishes an annual ranking of the best places to find jobs in public administration. Graduates of Masters of Public Administration (MPA) programs have the opportunity to make an impact in numerous career fields across a variety of sectors. To learn more about the career, including what the job entails and educational requirements, click here. Home > Public Service > Exploring Five Careers in Public Administration. The university also offers a Master in Public Administration that is accredited by NASPAA and a Doctor in Public Administration. public safety managers, health services managers, or emergency management directors — but your options don't stop there. PRTs are a key component of the United States’ plan to offer assistance, training, and diplomatic support to Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Jobs in public administration made up more than half of all state and local government jobs. The Iraq Transition Assistance Office (ITAO) was established in 2007 to organize the US reconstruction operation in Iraq. Careers in Public Administration. Public Administrators earn an average of $94,000 per year. Areas of concentration within the MPA include public affairs, public policy, policy analysis, international affairs, constitutional issues, administrative law, governance ethics, and political science. Public Administration Sectors Because public administration careers are incredibly wide in scope, they span nearly all sectors of the economy. If you are interested in working in careers that pertain to public policy, government positions or state/local careers, public administration may be for you. These recommendations may include meeting budgets, gathering the views of the public and managing projects that directly affect the surrounding communities. the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Interested in public administration careers? Internships are available at the State Department, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the Children’s Defense Fund. Foreign Service Officers are installed at more than 250 international consulates, embassies and other diplomatic missions. Learn more about Public Administration Career Path and Job Requirements. Those who earn their Master in Public Administration can work in civil service, as education administrators, public administration consultants, program analysts, human resources director, public works director, and many other positions. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in public administration will prepare candidates for a leadership or managerial position in federal, state or local government, as well as in non-profit and private organizations. … Jobs in public administration encompass a wide range of interests and abilities and can provide a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction. Copyright 2020 Masters In Public Administration, Average Salary With a Master’s in Public Administration, Everything You Need to Know About a Career in Public Administration, 25 Exciting Career Paths in Public Administration, 20 Specialty Search Engines and Web Databases for Public Administrators, 30 Helpful Sites to find Public Administration Internships, 10 Interesting Facts About the History of Public Administration, Search Public Administration Programs Now. You will find almost every type of occupation within the government, including some jobs that are only found within government. Mostly commonly, careers for MPA degree holders include nonprofit management, federal, state, and local government work, administrative jobs, and various careers in the private sector. The majority of grads take public service jobs. The many directions you can take a degree or certificate in Public Administration include international development, public management, health management, crisis management, nonprofit management, labor relations, policy analysis, policy making, and more. Because there is no one path to a career in public administration as there is with doctors or lawyers, what to do with your degree can be confusing. While you are earning your bachelors degree in public administration, it is important that you consider the various career options available to people with public administration degrees. Foreign Service Officers promote peace and support prosperity by advancing US interests throughout the world. That means administrators who concentrate in public health are uniquely positioned to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Jobs in Public Administration can be a lot of different positions, but no matter what, public service is a big part of them. If looking for a degree in public administration, there can be more to it than just program rankings and salary questions. Government and public administration workers help pass and enforce the law. Request Appointment. Those just starting out on a public administration career may take work as research associates. Many other public administration job internships are available; the Office of Personnel Management and the Fellows Program provide resources to help people find internships that will lead them to jobs in public administration. Learn more about your education options in public administration. People in public administration jobs analyze information, oversee expenditures, draft and implement governmental and public policy, manage people and resources, conduct safety inspections, investigate suspected criminal activity, serve as consultants, and in general act as stewards of the public interest. New public administration jobs in state and local governments will be created in response to increasing consumer demand for health services, protective services, and social services. Careers in public management and public administration are multi-disciplinary in nature, and can be found in government departments, in parastatals, in non-profit organisations, in educational institutions, and even in some organisations within the private sector. What to do after graduation can be as daunting a task as getting an education. Careers in public administration can possibly be challenging and exciting. 12,286 Public Administration jobs available on These professionals advise elected officials of the strengths and areas of improvement of public health programs. Broadly defined, public administration is the field of employment concerned with the implementation of government policy. Are you wondering what it’s like to work in the public sector? Public Administration is one of those few courses which are multifaceted and are dependent on other courses and subjects for its theories and concepts. Earning a bachelor’s degree in public administration (BPA) helps prepare prospective candidates for entry-level jobs in public administration. Specific public administration job titles include Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Inspector, Auditor, City Manager, Consumer Safety Inspector, County Manager, Criminal Investigator, Customs Inspector, Industrial Relations Specialist, Internal Security Inspector, Labor Management Relations Specialist, Mediator, Private Investigator, and Systems Analyst. Administration Assistant Job Requirements. You could even chart a long-term plan to run for public … Many community colleges offer courses that can lead to careers in public administration. Public administration specialists can also assist with political agendas or even managing large teams that focus on environmental policies, health care policies, or city/neighborhood planning. Public Administration Jobs in Afghanistan. They usually have busy and highly dyn… The American Society for Public Administration ( and other professional societies may provide some assistance for researching career options and job openings. 855 Public Administration jobs and careers on totaljobs. Careers in Public Administration. Careers in government are too broad to categorize under a particular fixed educational track. They can apply for a wide variety of jobs in the public sector where they would be required to enforce public safety policies, launch new programs or manage city budgets. Careers in Public Policy and Administration. Find a community college near you. Exploring Careers in Public Administration. Public administration jobs generally require a master’s degree in Public Administration/ A master’s in Public Policy and Administration is also available. Education Public Administrators earn on average $90,000. They can help you make the most of your education and your work days with choices on everything from an after school job to what can happen when public administration goes right. Because of the importance of these jobs in the public sphere, postsecondary degrees … For people who like to travel, public administration jobs in the foreign service are particularly attractive. Professionals who pursue a public safety administration degree are then prepared to pursue competitive, leadership roles in public safety, such as . Seven out of ten of these workers were employed in local governments. They are charged with conducting research, interviews, materials, and reports. In addition, successful completion of the bachelor’s degree will lay an excellent foundation for continued study in pursuit of public administration jobs. Public administration consultants work as self-employed professionals. Public administration majors seek to gain a significant understanding of how policies that affect the public are created, implemented and improved. Public administration jobs generally require a master’s degree in Public Administration/ A master’s in Public Policy and Administration is also available. the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Its mission is to support the rights of the Iraqi people to govern themselves, protect their country, and re-establish their economy. Some management positions in public administration require a Master of Public Administration or Master of Public Policy degree; other positions require a bachelor's degree. Consultants work on both short- and long-term projects. Internships can be an excellent means of entering the public administration job field. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). JTWidget = {code: 'YroCNX1Fvug5pFdpFuOIhjagZHX4B97u'}; We use cookies to improve and personalize your experience. Public Administration Consultant – Average Salary $72,000. Public Management and Administration Careers. MPA Careers.
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