Utilized strategic planning to implement product displays within visual standards. Provided assistance to customers by locating and explaining merchandise setup, answering questions, and resolving common customer service issues. Traveled extensively throughout Europe to collaborate with Product Development teams to ensure design vision and brand-right fabric strategies. master's degree for those looking to become a fashion merchandiser. Worked as a team, utilizing reports to identify gaps and analyzed business trends. Managed product development and negotiated vendor costing to achieve competitive pricing and strategic mark-up targets. Developed annual division sales plan, which gave store management vision, goals and playbook for growth. A display designer or visual merchandiser should: 1. have a flair for design and colour 2. be creative, imaginative and energetic 3. understand a company's target markets and know how to appeal to them 4. be aware of current trends and activities in design, fashion and culture 5. have good communication skills to present ideas to others 6. be able to concentrate and work to tight deadlines 7. be able to use large … Changed and rotated window displays, interior display areas, and signage to reflect changes in inventory and promotion. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Fashion Merchandiser resumes they appeared on. Attended fashion shows & went through garment magazines to analyze new trends, customer preferences and market needs. To get their products out to the world and draw in consumers, fashion merchandisers may develop marketing campaigns, design store displays, and create sales strategies. Implemented corporate visual merchandising standards while creating a comfortable shopping area and ensuring product placement for all merchandise. Here are a few key responsibilities of a fashion merchandiser. Worked with local grocery stores within an assigned territory to build customer relationships. In the event that a fashion merchandiser is working for the designer, promoting the designer’s product to stores that may want to buy large quantities is a number one priority. Presented brand and product to key buyers at trade shows and meetings. Maintained knowledge of the product, as well as knowledge on fashion trends to assist customers in their shopping. Participated in various incentive programs designed to support achievement of sales goals. Dedicated and resourceful, with insight into utilizing market research and business analysis to determine customers' preferences and maximizing sales. The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program in Fashion Merchandising & Management program will provide you with a foundation to begin— or continue— a career in  fashion or enter a bachelor’s degree program. Assisted store manager to assure pleasing aesthetics as customers shopped the store, placed key sales items as per company directives. Competed in the 2015 International Collegiate DECA Competition in Orlando, Florida for Sports and Entertainment Marketing and Leadership. Delivered and constructed manufacturers promotional displays, maintained inventory, rotated and faced manufacturers product line. Created and maintained strong clientele contacts in Troy area. Prepared and sent out email marking communications to sales representatives and clientele. LIM College has shifted to Hybrid Virtual instruction for the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester. Part of this process is buying and negotiating with manufacturers and designers to make sure items can be priced in a way that will sell and make a profit. Assisted in trend and market research and introduction of new men s lines. Conducted market research with competitors for comparative pricing. Communicated with consumers and store personnel in order to identify and address concerns and criticisms of product placement quality and availability. Increased sales volume by securing strategic promotional displays. Managed incoming receivables of new merchandise and responsible for inventory control of damage merchandise. Apart from it, material sourcing should be done at a cheaper rate and to do this merchandiser need to convince the vendor to … Supervised store merchandising and directed all communication to home office. Developed and implemented the company's first loss prevention plan and established controls for internal and external shrink. Developed visual themes by researching and forecasting fashion trends. Communication in fashion merchandising is totally a different way. Merchandisers are not fashion designers, but they stay close to the fashion world and use their fashion sense and analytical minds to determine how much of each style to stock, negotiate with manufacturers, and work with designers to determine emerging or existing trends. For successful communication fashion merchandiser should … A Summary of Qualifications for Fashion Merchandising Education. Conducted product knowledge seminars for sales teams empowering participants with strategic marketing strategies increasing confidence and sales. Functional Skills In most cases, hands-on experience or internships are key since real-world experience makes for a more attractive candidate. Utilized weekly reports to make informed merchandising decisions and participated in ongoing education training for corporate visual standards and expectations. In addition to being designed, clothing items need to make it into a retail store, they need to be displayed and marketed to customers, and they need to be properly stocked as items are sold. Developed strategical floor plans and three-dimensional displays to maximize sales. Liaised between Creative and Product Development departments to properly highlight product details. Typically, a fashion merchandiser will have several potential areas of focus and is used to juggling different responsibilities. Let's find out what skills a Fashion Merchandiser actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Interested in starting down the Fashion Merchandising path? Here's how New Merchandise is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Customer Service is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Sales Floor is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Action Plans is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Apparel Areas is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Sales Goals is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Visual Standards is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Presentation Standards is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Business Goals is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Fashion Trends is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Career Details for a Fashion Merchandiser. Maintained store appearance and product presentation to company standards. Executed retail sales plan and marketing initiatives of strategic accounts within special retail brands. Maintained superior product knowledge in order to increase sales through recommendations and provide exceptional customer service. Performed security and risk management duties; enforced inventory management and security system over sight of cash handling and collections. Managed the overall visual merchandising in-season process to maintain consistent assortments and presentation standards. When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that match with the requirements. the tools used to communicate by fashion merchandiser are may be physical or intangible. Selected Contributions CreativityCreativity is one of the most important visual merchandiser skills. They must have the... 2. What does a fashion merchandiser do on a day-to-day basis? Knowledge of fashion and trend analysis is used to decide how to stock retail stores. Conducted district and regional performance meetings with 13 locations throughout South Western Fashion merchandisers are able to blend fashion sense with quantitative analysis to look at how products have performed in the past and forecast consumer demand for coming seasons. merchandising the departments and taking/editing the pictures for corporate Appealed to specific customer base and understanding customer preferences when deviating from company directives. Created visual displays to increase sales, appeal to the customer base. Followed corporate directives for all visual standards by executing product placement, merchandising and display maintenance. To successfully manage the profitability of a retail store you have to be in tune with fashion trends to know what will sell. Served as a retail sales merchandiser, ensured proper level of stock was maintained, and merchandise was displayed. Trained retail sales personnel on consumer electronics products from Panasonic, Bose, Olympus and others in the Baltimore-Washington region. Performed market research by surveying competitor s stores and marketing and promotional strategies. Organized fashion shows and helped direct sample photo shoots for seasonal meeting with buyers. Worked part-time with Macy's retail management and sales team to implement company objectives. Identified and reacted to business trends for Fashion and Homelines. Changed and rotated window displays, interior display areas, and signage to reflect Apart from these core skills, some of the qualitative skills of a fashion marketer include: Understanding fabrics and having a keen eye for designs An interest in fashion and a creative mind Observational skills to keep a tab on fashion news and changing styles Conducted cooperate photo shoots that entail setting the store fixtures, Followed company directives to execute presentations, promotions, and seasonal concepts. Managed all aspects of vendor negotiations, purchasing, merchandising, window displays, and stocking. The average salary for a Fashion Merchandiser with Microsoft Excel skills is $47,500. Executed and followed up on assigned tasks and company programs related to apparel. Not only is a fashion merchandiser required to have a creative mind and strong visual merchandising skills, production skills must be sharp as well. fashion merchandising professional A fashion/ retail professional with a background in buying, merchandising, and inventory management offers a proven ability to engage audiences and improve store/ web sales while working on multiple catalogs each season. points, and merchandising. Trained staff on apparel basics and rack rules, as well as overall … Fashion merchandisers will be challenged to use their knowledge of emerging fashion trends and data to determine the success of retail stores, so candidates for this career should be prepared to use both quantitative and qualitative skills. Even if you lack the work experience of a merchandiser, you can still qualify for a position with your skill sets and talents. The fashion merchandiser works within a budget and has to make sure stores can be properly stocked within that budget. Developed staff thru goal setting, strategies and effective client management to reach $750,000+ in annual sales. Generated multiple new weekly account holders through engaging retail customers seeking wardrobe enhancements; utilized proven sales techniques and superior product knowledge. Advanced logistics, organization, communication and interpersonal skills, along with major computer usage are utilized to properly complete tasks. Provided customer service and assisted team members with merchandising. 2. This degree serves as the perfect gateway to graduate studies. Cultivated customer relationships by visiting with store managers, respond to inquiries and resolved delivery of service problems. In a way, you could say fashion merchandisers buy clothes for a living but the job is much more challenging and rewarding than that would make it sound. Key Skills-Knowledge of Textiles – Woven’s, Knits, Dyed, Printed, Embroidered.-Fashion Illustration.-Pattern Making and Garment Manufacturing.-Embroidery Detailing.-Accessories and Trim Detailing.-Fashion Merchandising.-Fashion Forecasting.-Technical Theory of Textile and Fashion.-Marketing Research. Educated and Managed store personnel in inventory organization and visual standards. Today, after many requests, we'll be covering the skills you need in Fashion Merchandising. There are plenty of opportunities to land a Fashion Merchandiser job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Supervised and developed Visual Specialists in proper merchandising of fixtures and presentation standards, reviewing their performance on a regular basis. Contributed to the development and execution of Company's Merchandising Visual Standards. Developed creative new ways to present merchandise while simultaneously implementing corporate directives regarding floor plans and merchandise displays. Expanded customer base from US market to Europe, Australia and Japan. Fashion merchandisers have a well-rounded education in both business and fashion. Executed daily communication and follow-ups. In many cases fashion merchandisers are also responsible for drawing in customers via promotion of products. Provided an elevated customer experience to generate a loyal clientele. … Fashion Merchandiser Skills Obtaining retail experience Possessing basic mathematical skills Being proficient in Microsoft … Provided support regarding loss prevention. undergraduate degrees in fashion merchandising. The AOS program at LIM College is an intensive academic program that prepares you to jump into your career immediately.See All Undergraduate Degrees, Master's in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management (MPS) *also offered online Fashion Knowledge. Retail skills are skills that involve selling products to consumers. Attended trade shows to choose merchandise and selected items for magazines. An individual looking for a fashion merchandising job should produce a fashion merchandising resume in order to show their skills and strengths on the job. For COVID-19 and Campus Operating Update(s), click here. … Being a fashion buyer or merchandiser is a dream job for many fashion students around the world. Developed and maintain knowledge of cutting-edge fashion and understand fashion trends and how they pertain to merchandising vendor's products. Fashion merchandising involves the selling, purchasing and marketing of clothing, accessories and other textiles. Merchandised company product in grocery stores to company specifications and trained new Merchandisers. Analyzed market trends Showcased current fashion trends with promotions resulting in increased profitability. Maximized company sales and profitability by maintaining the sales floor and ensuring inventory accuracy. This is the business side of fashion - the growing field is generally termed fashion merchandising and management. Assisted in performing market research regarding competition and trend. Coordinated location of products with forklift operators and replenished inventory while maintaining effective flow of customer traffic and product placement. This is primarily where fashion and merchandising aspects come together. As we say at LIM College, this career is where business meets fashion. Foot traffic in Eye Candy stores has increased by 78% in the past 2 years. Maintained communications with store management that included giving presentations to sell additional product from the suppliers to each location. Executed merchandising and product development projects for character driven programs resulting in increased sales revenue. Processed and received new merchandise into inventory and displayed aesthetically throughout the shop. Cleaned and straightened merchandise, removed discontinued/expired products, ordered/added new merchandise. Procured new stock, tracked sales figures on a daily basis and closed sales. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Fashion Merchandiser. Supervised vendors and associates in rearranging existing merchandise and introducing new merchandise to boost customer satisfaction. brochures. Achieved sales goals while maintaining an exceptional customer service experience. If responsible for multiple retail stores, fashion merchandisers also need to determine how each store should be stocked since different stores likely have a different surrounding clientele with different tastes. Executed displays and assisted management & store associates in maintaining merchandising in conformity with company standards. Analyzed customer flow and partnered with Japanese expats to develop strategic store floor plans facilitating visual collateral. Supervised store completion of all company programs and store direction. Participated in monthly product development meetings with key vendors. Analytical Ability: A good sense of style obviously helps you; however, you must … Executed biweekly operations programs such as advertisements and merchandise displays. Conducted analyses and market research to develop and establish budget objectives. Basic Skills. Select who you are from the list below to be guided to information tailored just for you. Communicated with store management and other personnel to assure high level of customer service was maintained and expectations were exceeded. Designed mannequins to meet seasonal appropriateness and align with customer trends and company standards. Merchandiser; 2017 to 2016. The BPS program at LIM College provides a focused approach to preparing you for a career in fashion with many professional courses. That requires marketing skills and a keen understanding of local customer demographics. Developed and implemented effective communications and strong working relationships between operations, District Managers, Store Managers, and merchandising staff. The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) *also offered online / 2 Year Degree Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) / 2 Year Degree With a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) from LIM College, you gain a competitive advantage in today’s retail, apparel, and merchandising markets.See All Master’s Programs. As mentioned, fashion merchandising requires both fashion sense and business acumen. Identified and resolved any problems associated with the product, which included new stock or defective product. Provided all customers with friendly customer service. Supervised models, merchandised outfits for shows, merchandised store showcases, floor plans, and display cabinets and storefront windows. Prioritized tasks to meet customer expectations and ensure efficiency and effectiveness in processes. Developed a successful loss prevention initiative which resulted in numerous successful store inventory checks. Ensured that all merchandising directives were printed and implemented according to company standards. Identified customers' needs and preferences and coordinated RFPs from local vendors. Partnered with department manager in training staff on product knowledge and placement, product selling Created and implemented individual action plans. Reorganized floor and dressed mannequins * Placement of new stock for best visual impact * Implemented visual ideas of corporate office. The skills and specifications that are required of a fashion merchandiser include: Must be fashion conscious and aware of trends and practices in the fashion world Should have good networking and communication skills Must be good with numbers and have basic knowledge about computers How to Become a Fashion Merchandiser 1. If you have a passion for fashion and an appetite for business, fashion merchandising could be your dream job. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals … Visit PayScale to research fashion merchandiser salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. When it comes to the most important skills required to be a fashion merchandiser, we found that a lot of resumes listed 18.0% of fashion merchandisers included new merchandise, while 8.8% of resumes included customer service, and 7.2% of resumes included sales floor. Fashion merchandising is a broad term. Maintained customer relationships with regional locations of all distributors through visits and marketing support. Purchased from local vendors to fill immediate needs and chase trend opportunities. Many professionals use bullet points to list their skills and qualifications for the position. Attended visual merchandising workshops, implement company merchandising guidelines, maintain visual presentation standards, and continuously improve allover store look. Managed monthly product launches cross-functionally and entire product life cycle from initial setup to inventory management until phase-out. They work as a link between marketing and retail management and strive to increase sales. Managed the Fashion/Homelines area of 10 SuperCenters, generating $210M in annual sales. Merchandised products on designated routes in a continuous effort to provide superior customer service and maintain strong customer relationships. Educated Sales Department on how to sell toys to their existing customer base. Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser: To become a good fashion merchandiser you should have few qualities. Prepares marketing materials and guidelines for distribution to all the stores. The glamour of attending flashy events, fashion weeks, and shows is surely a big draw, but the job is much more than that and requires a specific set of skills that are not easily defined. To do this fashion merchandisers keep up with the latest fashion news, attend fashion shows, and communicate regularly with fashion designers. Required to have knowledge of fashion trends and marketing, as well as the skills to track stock and coordinate promotions. Represents the company respectfully and professionally. A successful fashion merchandiser has a vast knowledge of textiles (these are the different fabrics and fibers that are used to make the goods) and good communication ability. Trained and monitored associates in corporate visual standards. Merchandiser needs to negotiate the product price with the buyer and finalize the deal. Decorated window displays including holiday and specials Managed and displayed retail merchants. Managed all product distribution to Lids stores by analyzing sales trends, net sales and overall growth opportunities. Able to operate organizational and computer systems to input data. Decision-making and management skill is mainly required for senior merchandiser. Assisted in developing customer relationships and carrying on a cordial relation with customers. LIM offers undergraduate degrees in fashion merchandising as well as associate's degree, and a master's degree for those looking to become a fashion merchandiser.. Good fashion merchandisers are creative, up for a challenge, and willing to work in a fast-paced-environment. Prepared, constructed and propped Visual Window Displays in accordance with the guidelines provided by corporate visual stylists. Fashion Merchandising Skills and Qualities As mentioned, fashion merchandising requires both fashion sense and business acumen. Fashion merchandising is a broad industry but all programs offer basic classes that any degree in fashion merchandising will cover, such as fashion marketing, retail marketing and promotion, fashion buying, retail management, textile design and production, history of fashion, and economics of the fashion industry. Here's how Inventory Management is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Product Development is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Store Management is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Window Displays is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Company Directives is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Retail Sales is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Product Placement is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Merchandise Displays is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Clientele is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Floor Plans is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Product Knowledge is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Trade Shows is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Company Standards is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Deca is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how NET Sales is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Communication is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Customer Base is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Customer Relationships is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Loss Prevention is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Photo Shoots is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Customer Expectations is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Proper Signage is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Market Research is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how New Stock is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Local Vendors is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Annual Sales is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Retail Management is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Promotional Displays is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how New Arrivals is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how New Trends is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Business Trends is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Company Programs is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Here's how Customer Preferences is used in Fashion Merchandiser jobs: Arts, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Industry. Crafting a Fashion Merchandiser resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. When most people think about the fashion industry they immediately think of fashion design. Use complete words in query for best results. Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) / 4 Year Degree Merchandised and maintained new product according to company standards in a way that would ensure profitability and overall customer experience. Negotiation and Convince Skill. Resolved customer service inquiries and complaints. A well-written sample resume for Fashion Merchandiser showcases abilities like creativity, an eye for details, design expertise, visual displays familiarity, commercial awareness, and teamwork. Merchandisers are well-versed in all aspects of fashion -- from garment construction to textile types. As the name implies, the role of a fashion merchandiser combines fashion and merchandising, and requires a strong sense of style and fashion in addition to business acumen. Continue to explore this industry and learn more about your career in the business of fashion. Analyzed business and maximized sales through improved merchandise acquisition, elimination of slow-selling merchandise, optimal floor plans and effective training. Shadowed Retail Sales Representative and Territory Sales Representative to further my knowledge about Kellogg Company. Organized floor plans for new merchandise collections. Fashion merchandising is the strategic analysis, marketing, management, and distribution of fashion products in order to maximize profits. Fashion merchandisers stay acutely aware of past and present fashion trends to project what consumers will want in the future. Organized new arrivals by color, size and group. Yet there’s so much more that needs to happen for the latest designs to get out into the world and into the hands of the customers who will wear them. Provided outstanding customer service to consumers and store personnel to address inquiries and criticisms of product placement, quality and availability. For example, 18.0% of Fashion Merchandiser resumes contained New Merchandise as a skill. A successful Fashion Merchandiser should be up-to-date with the latest developments and trends shaping the fashion industry, possess excellent collaboration and communication skills, and be able to effectively combine both marketing and fashion design expertise to produce sales. Presented visual displays in accordance with company directives. Trained store personnel with product knowledge and merchandising ideas to increase stores profitability. Increased Retail Sales by 2.5% by organizing and implementing a Pet Food strategy for the entire Central Region. Communicated daily with overseas office to facilitate flawless product development. Coordinated inventory control/shrinkage with loss prevention tactics. Maintained stocked product and executed promotional displays encouraging positive marketing perception. Participated in overnights to execute new floor plans for season start and/or designer collaborations. All courses at LIM College include a mix of in-class studies and hands-on training to equip you with the experience and skills needed to become a fashion merchandiser. Facilitated inter-departmental communication to effectively provide customer support. Contact LIM to get more info or have your specific questions answered by our Admissions team. The key to be great fashion merchandise is to promote and obtain the goods that are going to be sold to customers. Develop Essential Skills Most fashion merchandising careers require more than a high school diploma, and to get a job... 3. Experienced retail sales merchandiser with a strong focus on product planning, interfacing with vendors and sales. There are a number of ways in which you could work in this field: as a purchasing manager, retail buyer, or merchandise deployer. Maintained fashion trends by constantly updating window mannequins.
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