Good condition illadelph ash catcher for tobacco use only. Illadelph Glass AshCatcher - Disc w/ Removable Stem - Choice of Colors. Coil condensers, disc perc technology, up-stem ash catchers, multi-hold bowl designs, pyramid percs, and the spinning marble design are just a few of the features introduced by Illadelph that are now being incorporated into the designs of other manufacturers. Any mini piece made since 2016. FIND US ILLADELPH GLASS GALLERY. 18MM Ash Catchers are the second most common size ash catchers. Illadelph has a few types of ash catchers, mainly varying more in the diffuser in the ashcatcher, such as the typical ones (190), the one with 4-arm tree percs (that are about 250 bucks), and apparcently theyre coming out with the disc diffused a/c so im waitin for one of those . By forcing the smoke to travel upward and around the upstem’s flared top, the water’s ability to travel from the ash-catcher back into the body of the water-pipe is completely eliminated. - $8,500.95 - A wondrous spectacle of modern glass pipe technology, this massive water pipe has all the bells and whistles including a custom worked slide, custom worked ashcatcher, and a custom made glycerin chamber with limited edition 'Smoking Monkey' disc on the coil. It’s has a three-point ash catcher near the neck of the beaker to give you room for more ice. The hybrid line is something new from Illadelph … Illadelph Glass. This High Class Ash Catcher features top notch ash catching ability to keep pipes cleaner than ever. Yellow Label Illadelph Disc Ash Catcher used a couple times. **Comes with original box and white clip** Patel Smoke offers a variety of ash catchers in multiple styles and colors. Add the ash catcher … Glass Ash Catcher 14mm 18mm 8 Tree Arm Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher 45 degree. from A highly stylized clear to blue tube pull was used in this coil to create the floating “wig wag” top. Some of the technology that Illadelph Glass has brought into the pipe industry includes: Coil Condensers, Disc Perc Technology, Up Stem Ash Catchers, Multi-Hole Bowl Designs, Pyramid Percs, and the original Spinning Marble Design. It is a mini coil.. Illadelph - Disc Ash Catcher - Blue. The ashcatcher utilizes an upstem design to completely prevent splashback. FITS ALL BUBBLERS, DISC ASH CATCHERS, STACKABLE ASH CATCHERS, MEDIUM COILS, EXTENSION TOPS. illadelph's back with their signature 14mm/18mm Disc ash catchers with their new labels to match your new tube or help clean up a classic. $28.99. Black Label Fits 19mm Male Joint Bowls Designed For Illadelph Production Beakers And Straights Removable 19mm Showerhead Disc With Extra Thick Joint Upstem Design To Help Maintain Ash Catcher Water Level Color Matching (K-Clip) Included To Secure Removable Downstem Highest Quality Precision Illadelph Labeling Packaged 45° Ash Catchers and Pre-coolers. The inline and 10 arm percolators provide filtration you’d usually have to outsource to an ash catcher. Sold out. As with the other size Ash Catchers, you have to measure the outside of the Ash Catcher joint and the inside of the Bong Joint to make sure they correspond. 19" tall and includes a Signature Illadelph Disc Ashcatcher. Rasta HH Collins . Directions All Purchases Are In Store Only. Update search Product category with topbar. Free shipping. Optimal percolation continues to be the main objective in all of Illadelph’s water-pipe designs. 18MM Ash Catchers. Some of the technology that Illadelph Glass brings into the pipe industry includes: Coil Condensers, Disc Perc Technology, Up Stem Ash Catchers, Multi-Hole Bowl Designs, Pyramid Percs, and the use of Heat Wands in conjunction with Hot-Hit Bowl Designs. Illadelph - Disc Ash Catcher - Blue. Make Offer - Glass Ash Catcher 14mm 18mm 8 Tree Arm Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher 45 degree. Condition is Used. *****Illadelph Circle DiscAsh Catcher is REPAIRED! Illadelph Disc Ash Catcher Camo. Tall Illadelph Beaker W Disc A/c $800.00. FOR TOBBACO USE ONLY!I am selling a 16' Illadelph red label Beaker bottom coil condenser with the add on red label inline ash catcher combination.This is NOT a micro series.. It is fully functional, see pictures for REPAIR images of the ash catcher Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Note: bowl and stem are not Illadelph. Illadelph x Salt Scoped Coil Collab with matching disc ash catcher and XL Pyramid Perc Beaker Base. The Illadelph Medium Straight Tube stands at approx. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find … Authorized Toro Glass supplier. Unit price / per . Showing 16 of 142 items. We have just the smoke supplies you need. Locally owned and operated in Buffalo since 2010. Welcome to Headspace gifts and glass, Buffalo's Highest end smoke shop. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Update. Water Pipes Dry Pipes Pendants Caps Pearls Slides Dabbers Vessels Vaporizers Grinders Ash Catchers Bangers Stems Trays Containers Cleaners Miscellaneous. Authentic Red label Illadelph Short Straight Tube (Box included). Order today and enjoy our wholesale goods. Regular price Sold out Sale price $399.99 Sale. A hand etched space monkey disc is centered in this detachable Coil Condenser, completed with a space themed ash catcher and slide. Illadelph is known for quality. The Mini Downstem (version 2) Fits all mini delphs; mini beakers, mini straights, mini ash catchers, medium and small coils. Designed for Illadelph Short/Medium/Tall Beakers and Straight Tubes 18mm Illadelph OG Fixed Downstem to Double-Chamber AC 35mm Female Joint on AC 35mm to 14mm Removable 16-Slit Disc Stem in Gray Height: Approximately 9" Width: Approximately 3.7" Length of Stem, Including Joint: Approximately 6" Dec 26, 2014 - illadelph 14mm/18mm Disc Ash Catcher with Rasta and Gold Label. Looking to move asap. Must be 18+ to Enter. … Illadelph's micro mini ash catcher will add extra filtration to any Illadelph Mini beaker or straight tube. Mclamb x killadelph $1,400.00. Honeycomb Illadelph Bong with Signature Collins Beaker. Ash catcher Triple Honeycomb Perc For 14 mm 18 mm Hookah Water Pipe Glass Bong. $2,900 This Honeycomb Illadelph bong comes in beautiful opaque orange color with a clear Collins Beaker and a Pyramid perc. Take your time and browse through our sweeping selection of products. Illadelph Glass - Limited Edition Space Monkey - Double Chamber Coil Percolator Diffuser Downstem Straight Water Pipe - Rasta - 5mm Thickness / 17" Height. 45° are made to use with most beaker base bongs. It’s about 19” tall and has a 5” beaker base for stability. The main chamber has a disc perc for ultimate water filtration and sits on a super stable base. Open to trades as well! They are known for their unique mix of scientific glass blowing and artistic imagination. 68 N. 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 267.273.0586 . Available in 14 and 19mm options. Illadelph has developed special clips to match the company’s heavy wall weight joints which prominently display the Illadelph … Glass ash catchers are made to catch resin and ash from your bong while filtrating smoke. Illadelph Glass - Medium Diffuser Downstem Straight Water Pipe - White Pink Decal - 5mm Wall Thickness / 19" Height. Headspace specializes in high-quality American made glass, quartz and anything else you may need to suit your smoking needs! Complete with three custom-cut foam padded Illadelph boxes for safe storage and transport. The b » Ash Catchers » Illadelph Ash Catchers » Illadelph Red Label Amber Disc AC » Illadelph Red Label Amber Disc AC 3 Illadelph Red Label Amber Disc AC 3 Submenu Posted in r/glassheads by u/brianandvictorshow • 24 points and 3 comments $27.99. SKU: 400000039206. Showing and ripping my new full-size Illadelph Hybrid w/ very limited Space Monkey extension (at the time it was a one off but now they have made 99 more for a limited run they're doing) and extremely rare Recycling Fixed Disc Upstem Ashcatcher. FunkyPiece is an authorized Illadelph distributor. Illadelph glass. Some of the technology that Illadelph Glass has brought into the pipe industry includes Coil Condensers, Disc Perc Technology, Up Stem Ash Catchers, Multi-Hole Bowl Designs, Pyramid Percs, as well as the use of Heat Wands in conjunction with Hot-Hit Bowl Designs. Illadelph glass exploded on the scene in 2002 and soon after came out with the first line of Illadelph Coil Condensers. Fits female jointed pipes and accepts male jointed herb slides. CLIPS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN* Plastic clips have been used in scientific glass for many years to hold ground glass joints together and to prevent unintentional dislodging. $400.00) (No reviews yet) Write a Review.
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