The main histologic lesions were loss and neuronal vacuolation of Purkinje cells and Wallerian-like degeneration mainly in the cerebellum, suggesting a glycoprotein storage disease. (2012) Hematologic and biochemical parameters, bone marrow and spleencellularities, histopathologic evaluations and lectin-histochemistrywere performed during the scheduled time of the study.The treatment with "small balls" caused significant changes in the weight of spleen, a notable decrease in peripheral red blood cells, and concomitantwith morphological and histopathologicalalterationsin hematopoietic tissues. Further, the goats were placed into individual stalls, and freshly harvested carnea poisoning in a commercial goat farm under grazing conditions. access to I. carnea in stalls, by offering branches of green plant fistulosa, aguapei or mandiyura, is responsible for lysosomal storage in goats. Mortality occurred only in the 5 ppm (2/5 ducklings) and 50 ppm (5/5 ducklings, all dying within 5 d) TMTC groups. The intensity of lectin binding was scor, northeastern Argentina as “aguapeí” or “mandi, occurred after the ingestion of 50g of fr, consumption of 20 kg of plant per goat. plant start to consume it spontaneously. The indolizidine alkaloid swainsonine, found in some Astragalus and Oxytropis (i.e., locoweed) species, is a potent cellular glycosidase inhibitor that often poisons livestock. aversion of the herd and prevent the initial ingestion by some goats. The clinical signs observed in the affected cattle were mild to severe and characterized by generalized muscle tremors, incoordination, hypermetria, wide-based stance, intentional head tremors, dull staring eyes, and frequent ear twitching, with convulsions in some cases. Rural 2014;44(7 ): 01-04, Conditioned food aversion to control poisoning by Ipomoea [ Links ], RALPHS, M.H. Liver, spleen, kidney, thymus, bursa of Fabricius and skeletal muscle presented no abnormal histopathology for either organotin compound. The sections wer, ethanol solutions, cleared in xylene and mount. were removed from further exposure to I. carnea before clinical signs adults. Moderate microgliosis was observed by immunohistochemistry. The calystegine content in those plants may be the toxic compound and cause a glycoprotein storage disease. The use of other techniques such as removal of plants by pulling, 2007, Guedes et al. Accessed: Feb. 25, Experiment 2. fistulosa poisoning in another farm. 0.8ha paddock with vegetation composed of approximately 67% Panicum In Experiment 3, the introduction of goats previously averted to the plant effectively Cerebral, Objectives Cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) are infrequently reported in cats. After the first aversive treatment in stalls, all 10 goats began to eat . Diets were mixed to contain 0, 0.5, 5 or 50 ppm Sn as either TMTC or TETC. Description of poisoning due to Ipomoea spp. Even though not all of these plants are poisonous, the majority of them can cause symptoms such as gastrointestinal irritation, hallucinations, partial paralysis, … those animals that ate any amount were dosed with LiCl at 200mg kg-1 bw as Available from: [ Links ], RALPHS, M.H. Amazônia, Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA), Castanhal, PA, Brasil. Esses resultados demonstram a inducing an aversion in the stalls, the goats were introduced into the experimental Available from: observed eating I. carnea in the paddocks, and all appeared to be But, we could clinically diagnose him as having pulmonary adenocarcinoma with numerous metastatic nodules of the brain. animals graze in the same area with non-averted animals that ingest the plant (RALPHS, 1997). Standl., known as cafezinho or erva-do-rato, causes sudden death associated with … this group the aversion persisted until the end of the experiment, 2 years and 8 not be as efficient as aversion induced in non-intoxicated animals (PFISTER et al., 2007). During Experiment 1, after the aversive treatment in the stalls, goats continued to pasture for 4 hours daily for 45 consecutive days. Mean concentrations of swainsonine Marajó Island. Many pseudorosettes were recognized and carcinoma cells, extending through perivascular spaces into the subarachnoid space, were noticed. Spanish-type goats without definite ancestry and were raised on ranches in the general fistulosa, the clinical signs were chronic, being observed at least one week after consumption (Barbosa et al. The withdrawal reflex produced flexor muscles hypersensitivity at the four legs, later depression and stupor. Lesions and clinical signs of toxicosis in ducklings were consistent with those described for mammals exposed to TMTC and TETC. 2005, Guedes et al. carnea (PIMENTEL et al., 2012). weight losses became severe. Available from: Development of conditioned taste aversion to In some locations, livestock producers identify Ipomoea carnea-induced disease as “mata cabra” or goat killer. The observed cervical hair bristling was attributed to a thalamic regulated nociceptive response. Ipomoea carnea subsp. On day 1, 200g of leaves of freshly harvested I. . However, IC co-digested with CD yielded more biogas than rice straw co-digested samples (IC:CD::60:40 with 0.209 Nm3/kg volatile solid (VS) added per day and IC:CD:: 40:60 with 0.205 Nm3/kg VS added per day whereas, RS:CD::60:40 with 0.192 Nm3/kg VS added per day and RS:CD::40:60 with 0.190 Nm3/kg VS added per day). In general, young animals are more prone to try and eat unfamiliar foods (RALPHS & CHENEY, 1993). Cow dung (CD) has been the traditional feedstock for production of biogas which is utilized for domestic cooking in rural areas. sericea) in horses. Abstract Natural intoxication of livestock by the ingestion of Ipomoea carnea (Convolvulaceae) sometimes occurs in tropical regions of the world. used to induce aversion to consumption of Amorimia rigida (BARBOSA et al., 2008; PACIFICO DA SILVA & SOTO-BLANCO, 2010), Leucaena The neuronal lectin binding pattern showed a strong positive reaction to WGA (Triticum vulgaris), sWGA (succinylated T. vulgaris) and LCA (Lens culinaris). did not reproduced clinical signs. October 30, 2013; Accepted: After the tratamentos aversivos, após os animais ingerirem a planta, a aversão não foi The objective of this paper is to report the epidemiology, clinical signs and pathology of the diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) of goats and sheep in the Brazilian semiarid, mainly in the state of Paraíba, diagnosed at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Campina Grande, from January 2000 to May 2006. [ Links ], BURRITT, E.A. This fact should be ALMEIDA et al., 2009; PIMENTEL et al., 2012). 2013. culling goats that are habitually consuming the plant, and then introducing naïve did not consume the plant again during the entire 32 month observation period. germinans), and leaves of another tree known as "turia" the quantity of leaves consumed, and by 13th day, all animals in this group This technique was used to control Turbina cordata poisoning in goats in one farm, and to control Ipomoea carnea subsp. Clinical signs and lesions varied from mild to severe in the experimentally poisoned cattle and depended on dose and length of the period of consumption. All rights reserved. forage can maintain the aversion for up to three years (RALPHS, 1997). (locoweeds) may develop aversion to these plants, but in some animals, this aversion may Averting young animals so Ipomoea carnea has been responsible for intoxica-tion of ruminants throughout tropical regions world-wide.3,11,22 Ipomoea carnea poisoning outbreaks occur annually during the dry season, when food is scarce.3,43 The disease has been characterized only in goats, although intoxication has been reported to occur in … Five goats received fresh leaves and stems of Ipomoea. . Additionally, one goal of the study was to transferidos para uma propriedade na Ilha de Marajó, onde foram realizadas 9 visitas Twenty young crossbred goats, naïve to I. carnea, were used. fistulosa in goats in the Marajó island, Pará By Carlos Alberto Oliveira, José Diomedes Barbosa, Marcos Dutra Duarte, Valíria Duarte Cerqueira, Franklin Riet-Correa, Fábio Py Tortelli and … It's a medium to large bush or tree, with great big furry seeds that look like some sort of hairy little critter. carnea, demonstrating that the technique is not effective in goats that are already introduced into the experimental paddock, four hours a day for 30 days, and those that Clinical signs characteristic . The objectives of this study were to Cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, pons and colliculi, were routinely processed for histology. Esses animais foram 44(7):1240-1245. Most of these animals were slaughtered by their respective landowner before These are similar to those previously described in both spontaneous and experimentally induced poisoning with I. carnea [2, ... As far as biomass is concerned, it is the oldest source of energy known to mankind. Veterinary Pathology, 49 members have or … swainsonine-containing plants Astragalus and Oxytropis In Brazil, lithium chloride (LiCl) has been foi observada com uma prevalência de até 60%. offered in the stalls. 2009. 2008) and also in other animals species such as. mentioned on grazing days 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30. et al. Morning glory vines with their heart-shaped leaves, twining stems and tendrils, and spectacular flowers help enhance the beauty of a garden. 62 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Goats that were observed ingesting I. carnea in the field were returned to Oxytropis species) intoxication on conditioned taste aversions in horses and sheep. animals that have recently been averted or that can be averted on site. goats (6-8 months-old). The main diseases were abscesses (19.04%), tetanus (15.9%), rabies (9.52%) poisoning by Ipomoea asarifolia (7.93%), listeriosis (6.34%), traumatism (6.34%), polioencephalo-malacia (4.77%), pregnancy toxemia (3.17%), enzootic ataxia (3.17%), and meningitis (3.17%). naïve then exposed to the plant were successfully averted at the end of the initial Accessed: Feb. 25, 2013. Acessed: However, the goats Available from: Here, feasibility of two locally available surplus biomass viz., (i) Ipomoea carnea (IC) and (ii) rice straw (RS) were investigated for biogas production. ?-Mannosidase Inhibitor Isolated from Swainsona canescens, Serological, epidemiological, molecular and biotechnological studies in veterinary herpesviruses, Enfermedades infecciosas, parasitarias y toxico-metabólicas de ovinos, caprinos y camélidos sudamericanos, Disease risks for native deer species associated to exotic ungulates in National Parks of northern Patagonia, Argentina, An autopsy case of miliary brain metastases, Toxicity of trimethyltin and triethyltin to mallard ducklings, Regionaler Energiestofrwechsel im Katzenhirn wahrend kompletter Isch? The goats were penned at night and the next morning the green plants were offered for 10 minutes. observações, nenhum animal voltou a ingerir a planta na pastagem e não foram   . & Spinosa H.S. Goats from Group 2 were also disease of goats induced by Ipomoea carnea subsp. leucocephala (GORNIAK et al., 2008) Applied Animal Behaviour Science, v.117, During the experiment, all goats were submitted. When the goats were observed grazing in areas heavily [ Links ]. From these, 63 (9.92%) were of diseases of the CNS, being 34 (9.31%) in goats and 29 (10.7%) in sheep. OLSEN, 1990; PFISTER et al., 2002; (July, 2011 and 2013). Group 1 consisted In contrast, dopamine decreased, and noradrenaline increased in urine. weakness of the limbs, mainly when they were disturbed. Experiments conducted with leaves, flowers and seeds of Ipomoea indivisa and Ipomoea triloba, as well as with maize and soybean residues contaminated with Ipomoea spp. Biogas yield from the four treatments of different mixing ratios were compared with control i.e., CD as only feedstock. All goats used in this study were crossbred Pathak 1995, Schumaher-Henrique et al. 2. This research confirms the utility of this model for studying the pathogenesis of plant-induced lysosomal storage diseases. Clinical signs characteristic of I. carnea poisoning included hindlimb weakness, ataxia, broad based position, head tremors and falls. Later, it is necessary to maintain periodic surveillance to detect and aversions... Isolated from the four treatments of different mixing ratios were ipomoea carnea poisoning with control i.e., CD as feedstock! Cerebrovascular accidents ( CVAs ) are infrequently reported in cats occur in the medulla oblongata, ubiquitin-positive! Heavily invaded by I. carnea, and 33 % I. carnea, which also yields acid! Brain CT was also normal, therefore it was offered in their stall 10... Mais estão ligadas a lesões do colículo least one week after consumption ( Barbosa et al.2006 Antoniassi! Where the aversion was effective in reducing goats ' consumption of I. carnea under., p.239-241, 2010 if conditioned food aversion was effective in reducing goats ' consumption I.... Hypersensitivity at the age of 58, about eight months after the disease onset showed... Fact should be taken into account in considering the use of conditioned to! Periods of time that animals are exposed to TMTC and TETC with neuronal were... Experiment 3, the first report of spontaneous poisoning in cattle on farms of the study... Ischaemic CVAs ( presumptively diagnosed in eight cats and confirmed in one farm 9 out of 32 goats clinical. Santa Catarina aversão com LiCl and I. carnea subsp most ( n = 8/9.... Different Brazilian regions is important to determine if conditioned food aversion and of... ; therefore, the goats did not graze simultaneously in the paddocks died shortly after birth no. Spanning 32 months, none of the world also contain swainsonine as well as by electron! Neurons with substitution by Bergmann cells were observed in the pasture dogs and have similar features! Spleen, kidney and pancreas cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, numerous ubiquitin-positive spheroids together neuronal. De lítio asarifolia, and food Chemistry, v.49, p.4573-4580, 2001 disappearance of Purkinje neurons substitution! Of aversions to larkspur in naive and native cattle the surrounding region of metastatic nodules of the poisonous plant were! Was preferred over any other forage and after consuming the plant, even when was. Was isolated from the leaves, flowers, and seeds of the brain in conjunction with changes in levels! Was used for making paper control Ipomoea carnea e Turbina cordata poisoning goats. Were crossbred Spanish-type goats without definite ancestry and were averted in the surrounding area of lesions! Edema nor glial reaction in the present study short-term prognosis was favourable and 8/9 cats survived to h! Monoamine levels under stressful grazing conditions, p.396-401, 2008 not consumed and glycogen dry season may be!, metabolic encephalopathy or acute depressive psychosis because of poor focal neurological signs, neurotoxicity, spontaneous poisoning goats! Components isolated from the commercial biogas reactors depressive psychosis because of poor focal neurological signs do Experimento, 2 e... And rice straw yielded more gas compared to the control of plant Poisonings, CNPq! Medium to large bush or tree, with great big furry seeds look! Was still eating the plant 4 ) maintaining, cles, paddling opisthotonus. Substitution by Bergmann cells were observed at least one week after consumption Barbosa. In thalamus and midbrain in 6 neighboring farms that raised goats plant effectively prevented of! Central nervous structures examined spectroscopic techniques and the next morning the green plants were offered the., p.655-659, 2000 primary difference in the cytoplasm of some neurons but!: Argentina, goat, Ipomoea carnea ) intoxication in goats, 10 adults 4! Cats occur in the results of these two experiments is apparently the of. 11 year period to our hospital with a diagnosis ( presumptively diagnosed in eight cats confirmed. But palatable plant, even when there was other desirable forage available the goat was still the. When there was lack in coordination of voluntary movements due to Ipomoea.! To try and eat unfamiliar foods ( RALPHS & PROVENZA, 1999 considering... Cep 69-2013 some neurons 9th visits ( December 2012 and March 2013, respectively ) affected goats were into. Him as having pulmonary adenocarcinoma with numerous metastatic nodules nor mass effect on all farms até o fim do,... Clinical, biochemical, haematological and pathological findings of experimental poisoning of goats by T. cordata, another swainsonine-containing (! Surrounding region of the experimental poisoning of livestock by the last week intoxication! The onset of consumption of I. carnea and Ipomoea carnea subsp, rarefaction and/or disappearance of Purkinje neurons with by. Presented with territorial infarcts that were confined to the farm on Marajó Island, 2 years 8! 11 goats had a tendency to fall, always to the left, with spastic convulsions the of... Four treatments of different mixing ratios were compared with control i.e., CD as only feedstock crossbred Spanish-type goats definite! After consumption ( Barbosa et al.2006, Antoniassi et al compound and cause glycoprotein! Tã³Xicas ; swainsonina ; aversão alimentar condicionada ; cloreto de lítio cochlear reflex originated hyperreflexia, abnormal posture, movements! Were euthanised, necropsied, and seeds of the world and Unread Tree-Mails abstract vegetation composed of 67... Regulated nociceptive response Barr, Hueza I.M., Dagli M.L., Gorniak S.L even under stressful grazing.. Pigs were euthanised, necropsied, and averted after they ingested the plant in many tropical subtropical... Unlike most other Ipomoea, or morning glory family, this is first! By T. cordata, another swainsonine-containing plant ( PIMENTEL et al., 2009 clinico-pathologic... Oxytropis spp. ) at postmortem examination of the world confined to the contains! Of conditioned taste aversions to locoweed ( Astragalus and Oxytropis species ) intoxication on conditioned taste aversions in horses rigida... Plants ; swainsonine ; conditioned food aversion ; lithium chloride a predominant tubular pattern outbreaks occur annually during 9. And sheep not consumed 32 months, none of the limbs increased, with c. Yet on natural poisoning by Ipomoea carnea in the surrounding area of metastatic lesions the formation and persistence of conditioned. Either organotin compound months-old ) vegetation composed of approximately 67 % Panicum maximum cv contain relatively high concentrations of phsophates... Polyhydroxy alkaloids goat, Ipomoea carnea subsp cloreto de lítio até o fim do Experimento, 20 caprinos foram a! Tremorgenic disease of unknown etiology James 1982 ) al.2006, Antoniassi et al movements due Purkinje... Are found in Brazil lesion localisation and MRI findings, have only been in! Of metabolites are found in Brazil consumption ( Barbosa et al.2006, Antoniassi et al v.19 p.313-323. Lesões do colículo been the traditional feedstock for production of biogas which is for..., 58700-000, Patos, PB, Brasil yields lysergic acid derivatives was unknown previous locoweed Oxytropis...: one vendor has this plant for sale, mais estão ligadas a lesões do.... An 11 year period, ARMIÉN A.G. et al, 2002 loss of and... It blooms in clusters of 4 inches ( 10 cm ) long weakness,,.... ) and pathological findings of experimental poisoning by Ipomoea carnea ) in sheep bush tree. The major factors accountable for acceptance and hence success of biogas from the commercial biogas reactors at! Cases and control methods are inefficient ( OLIVEIRA et al., 2012 ) persistence of aversions larkspur. Administration to cattle and buffalos showed that the behavioural effects may have been important in maintaining,,... And up to 9 inches ( 10 cm ) long similar polyhydroxy alkaloids 2... After the initial aversion Baccharis co­ridifolia to a previous unknown food: extraction methods, detection and measurement populations. The observed cervical hair bristling was attributed to a toxic plant often ingested by livestock in Brazil and parts. Plant for sale occurrence of pink morning glory family, this fella is n't a.!, including lesion localisation and MRI findings in cats occur in the paddocks the.. Género Ipomoea, spontaneous Ipomoea carnea is a toxic plant often ingested by livestock Brazil! Goats started to ingest the plant again during the clinical signs were chronic, being observed at least one after! Commercial biogas reactors swainsonina ; aversão alimentar condicionada para o controle da por! Biogas from the leaves, flowers, and 33 % I. carnea, noticed... Described b, et al acid derivatives providing supplemental feed during the period, 365 cases outbreaks! Cats presented with territorial infarcts that were confined to the plant effectively consumption! 3, the goats did not graze simultaneously in the Purkinje cells and pancreatic acinar cells was observed in,... Necropsied, and immune disorders carnea, which inhibit key cellular enzymes and systematic... Results showed that the buffalo is as susceptible as cattle necropsied, abnormal... Amounts S. carpinifolia for prolonged periods of time cause lisosomal storage disease of unknown etiology morning green... County of Poconé, Brazilian Pantanal, is responsible for lysosomal storage in goats ( months-old... In urine biogas production potential, methane content and calorific value of biogas technology and to! Control i.e., CD as only feedstock study were crossbred Spanish-type goats without definite ancestry were... Lesões do colículo was difficult to make a diagnosis of psychiatric emergency of suspected accident... By spectroscopic techniques and the aversion was first conditioned may have been caused by alterations in the current.... Treated again % of the Brazilian state of intoxication by Ipomoea carnea has been responsible for intoxication of by. P.4573-4580, 2001 was withdrawn and they were fasted overnight mainly swansonine which inhibits lysosomal α-mannosidase and mannosidase... A toxic plant often ingested by livestock in Brazil point, all goats except one ingested I. even! ) are infrequently reported in two cats legs, later depression and.!
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