If you already have all of the insurance plans that you need, make sure you still set a bit of time aside to review your insurance policies on Insurance Awareness Day. This is why National Insurance Awareness Day exists and is celebrated every year on June 28. Learn about Insurance Awareness Day Insurance Awareness Day has been created in order to encourage people to go over their insurance plan on this day. Our licensed insurance agents and management team have over 100 years combined experience in the industry with accreditation and licensing with the CMS centers from the day health care legislation was enacted. window.FB.init({ Learn More. If your policy isn’t reviewed until it’s time to renew, you could be missing out on added savings. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Whether internal or external, communication is essential for the agent, owner, or executive to do their job properly. fbl_init() window.fbl_started = false; We had thought it wasn’t any older than a couple of hundred years, but we couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why speaking with an expert is important. National Insurance Awareness Day Insurance is one of those things we forget about until we need it, kind of like a spare tire. window.FB.Event.subscribe('xfbml.render', function() { Insurance Awareness Day has been created in order to encourage people to go over their insurance plan on this day. PL Version: 2.1.2037.6 | PL FE Version: 2.1.2035.6 | HO Version: 1.0.1662.0 | HO FE Version: 1.0.1654.0 It’s National Insurance Awareness Day. The Typical Day of a Health & Life Insurance Agency Owner, Executive, & Agent. Whether it’s taking an online, defensive driving course, hitting the gym a few times a week, or putting in a home security system, these doable actions can lead to added savings on your various insurance policies. Insurance, as we think of it in the modern age, came into existence sometime around the Great Fire of London, where the devastation that took place brought about the idea of property insurance. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { The bank not only offers loan and deposit services, but also provides consumer investment and insurance products. National Insurance Awareness Day Shrouded in Mystery. My typical day at work required reviewing insurance claims, preparing reports for weekly meetings, and doing field work. That’s why Insurance Awareness Day was created; to ensure that people are reminded to go over their insurance plans on this date. Insurance Awareness Day celebrates the history and necessity of this fantastic invention, and encourages people to understand the important role it can play in their lives. fbl_init(); Their homes and cars remain unprotected, and there’s nothing to save them when the hammers come down. if( !window.fbl_started) Get forecasts, news and updates to your inbox. We provide cost-effective, streamlined and uniform licensing data and compliance services for insurance professionals. 1100 Walnut Street, Suite 1500 Kansas City, MO 64106 Need Assistance? Speak to someone who is unbiased and is not going to try and sway you in the direction of a specific product. cookie : true, For instance, an agent who sells flood insurance may also sell fire insurance and other disaster-related policies, as well as general homeowners insurance. PROTECT. HOME AUTO BUSINESS LIFE. In New York, business is written through Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company, United Farm Family Insurance Company, and American National Life Insurance Company of New York, Glenmont, New York. You can have a lot of fun reading about all of the crazy insurance policies that have been taken out over the years, so if you’re looking for something to do on Insurance Awareness Day, you can do a bit of digging online for some weird and wonderful stories. Discounts come and go, but certain long-term promotions can help save you more money over time. } function fbl_init(){ My time with the internship helped me become much more superior with my analytical skills. Additionally, call your agent and make sure you have the right kinds of insurance policies in place. if( ! There’s something that most people don’t talk about, don’t think about, and when the end comes it snaps right around and hits them square in the face. The trouble is that it is very easy to forget about this. With the help of my Agent I was able to put my knowledge, education, and my skills in analysis as well as investigation to work. Insurance offers security in many different situations. Each year, June 28 th is recognized as National Insurance Awareness Day.Growing in popularity, many businesses and individuals use this day as a valuable reminder to reconnect with their insurance agents. In order to make a claim, you need to prove the presence of an alien in your vicinity. Treat yourself to a little cake while you’re going through your policies and have a happy National Insurance Awareness Day! Insurance agents are fortunate to have the option of working in a home office where you are, for the most part, your own boss. You might wonder why you should care about a … It may be that you need to make a few tweaks to your policy. If job changes lead to less driving or your teenager goes off to college without the car, your insurance company might re-evaluate your rates.