"I'm really into this bright orange-y, almost coral color," says Friedman. The dark skin has a particular liking to red hair, especially if the red is of a deeper shade. But if you just want to rock red hair, find the shade you love the most and don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t use it! He also notes that vibrant shades of red offer pale complexions a more lively appearance, which we can definitely attest to, considering Stone looks lit from within with this shimmering hue. @codyjay, Green, this time not with envy #greedmovie #tiff, Raspberry red, golden auburn, electric orange, deep cinnamon, Everything You Need to Know About Bleaching Your Hair at Home. "The depth also makes her blue eyes take on a darker shade as well.". Ferrara explains that this route, as taken by Karen Elson, is ideal if you're looking to add a little more oomph to your copper hair. "I think when you have curly hair and want to go red, the key is dimension," Bodt says of Kelis's vibrant-yet-subtle shade. "This shade works really well for Missy because if you look closely, her eyes have a beautiful chestnut shade to them," says Ferrara. Keke Palmer's vibrant red is what Rachel Bodt describes as a "true red." Instead, take a cue from Rihanna and opt for a red with blue undertones — raspberry red, if you dare — as Friedman explains this will enhance the gold in the skin and ultimately be very complementary. Dec 20, 2014 - Explore Wake Your Voice's board "Red Hair Color for Darker Skin Tones" on Pinterest. . Red is a head-turning hue, and you have to be self-assured enough to accept the stares, says Tasha Forgash, color specialist at Shag Salon in Boston. If the hair is still too dark, the tones will tend to be muted and it will not look natural. If you are in search of a hair color for brown skin, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if your hair dye matches your skin tone or not. The best way to approach red is to go custom and tailor the shade to your skin tone, eye color, and lifestyle. For darker skins… "Paprika and auburn highlights are ideal for medium skin tones," adds Perry, also sharing that she prefers a darker root to create a more natural, yet vibrant effect. STRAWBERRY BLONDE FOR SUN-KISSED SKIN If your skin is sun-kissed but you’re bored with platinum, add in strawberry lowlights to channel Brazilian beauty and legendary redhead, Cintia Dicker. From fire engine to auburn or strawberry blonde, here is how to find the best red hair color for your skin tone! It will give you the absolute contrast since red hair color shades can really add some glow into your skin tone. RED HAIR COLOR #2: LIGHT AUBURN. Follow us on Instagram (@wishtrendtv) to be the first one to know about news, events, useful beauty tips and what goes on behind the scenes! Opt for a luminous shade of rose gold. "It's not too coppery or warm, but it's not quite a cool violet either," says Bodt. For light to medium skin-tones with cool skin undertones these shades are ideal: Ginger red with golden undertones e.g. Amber, copper red, rust and auburn are the best red hair colors for those with a fair skin tone with warm undertones. Plus, "since there's a slight coolness to the tone, a variation of her color would work on olive undertones as well." You can narrow down to look at your skin tone and your current or natural hair color. (Though, IMHO, Nyong'o could slay any shade of red without a problem.). All rights reserved. In fact, those with a darker than caramel skin tone can use a deep red hue in a variety of ways and come out with a stunning result. If your skin appears more ashen or gray, then you could have a natural olive tone. According to to Dawson, the shade works best for anyone with hazel, green, or blue eyes. Coloring your hair according to your skin tone never seemed an easier task, now that you know how to determine which one to go for.
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