Cotton grows on bushes that are three to six feet high. Part of Springer Nature. J. Inst. The measuring system was based on the electrical condenser of the Uster evenness tester as a measuring sensor. In addition, the same colors are available in the 5/2 Rayon, so you can play with smooth and textured versions of the same colors. Ray, N.C., Mukhopadhyay, A. Slub definition, to extend (slivers of fiber) and twist slightly in carding. 1986a, Brydon 1987, Angelova and Todorova 1999, ... Next we improved the brightness and resolution of these pictures using the Corel Programme. We offer all types of 100% cotton (carded & combed), melanges, dyed yarns, core spun yarns, slub yarns, organic yarns, fair trade yarns, synthetic yarn for knitted & weaving in both single and multifold types. The white yarns run across the fabric width (the weft threads). The study presented made it possible to suggest the criteria that are significant for the grouping of the assortment of fancy yarns: method of manufacture and use of fancy yarns, raw material, number and kind of components, material for the effect making, type of the effect. Suggested systematisation of fancy yarns opens the possibilities for further analysis of useful data of such kind of products. volume 97, pages47–53(2016)Cite this article. Many different yarns of this type are available in the industry, such as bouclé yarns, flake or seed yarns, nub yarns, slub yarns, spiral or corkscrew, and chenille yarns. Sci. In this study, a fuzzy logic system is used to determine the effects of yarn parameters on the boiling shrinkage behaviour of chenille yarns. To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the author. We also offer a wide range of 2 ply yarns in PC counts (Normal Twist and High Twist). One of the early problems with automated carding and spinning processes was the appearance of an incidental section of the yarn that was fuller than the yarn was intended to be. (IJTFT) 3, 11–24 (2013), S.T. They differed in linear density and the crimp of the wrap yarn. - The effect of yarn wicking on wicking of fabric in both wale and course directions was also discussed. These yarns are mainly of decorative interest. There is also no published complex guide concerning technological aspects of the production of fancy yarns. From shop SmashKnitsCo. Slub yarn refers to yarn that has been purposely spun with slubs (thicker sections along the yarn). Present study embodies the effect of some important parameters like base yarn twist level, number of base yarn, twist direction and injected fibre components on injected slub yarn performance in terms of tensile strength and breaking elongation. Int. Statistical models were developed using central composite experimental design of the response surface methodology. Grabowska, Studies of structure and strength of plain wrapped yarns. Eur. Fibres Text. The structure and tensile properties of such kinds of yarns have been investigated on the basis of the computer image analyse and Instron Tester respectively. have been investigated too. The basic parameters describing the structure and the tensile properties of loop fancy yarns produced on a special ring-twisting frame for fancy yarns have been characterised. The theoretical analysis is based on the modelling of a fancy yarn as a linear elastic object with the assumptions about the geometry of the snarl's "leg" and without taking into the consideration the interaction between the contacting parts of the yarn. The aforementioned tensile parameters of single base injected slub yarns reduce with the reduction of yarn linear density. East. In the end we used a special computer programme which was prepared using the Visual Basic platform and specially designed to measure the yarns' structural parameters, having already been utilised successfully in previous investigations of fancy yarn properties, ... Loop yarn is one of the kinds of fancy yarns with periodic loop effects, The basic parameters describing the structure and the tensile properties of bunch yarn produced on the ring-twisting frame for fancy yarns have been characterised. Grabowska, Characteristics of loop fancy yarn. This paper investigated wicking properties of cotton-acrylic rotor yarns and knitted fabrics. A visual representation, namely parameterized structural model of appearance, is created by abstracting from the physical and geometric configuration of real fancy yarn. This novelty generates a change in yarn properties compared to the conventional yarn. The difference between frotte and loop yarn relies on the fact that the loop yarn is constructed with two core yarns and the frotte yarn is constructed with only one core yarn. Today, cotton is grown on 77 million acres in over 80 countries – anywhere the growing seasons are long and hot. East. Chenille yarns are vulnerable to abrasion because of easy pile loss. Both loop fancy yarns and frotte fancy yarns belong to the group of yarns with continuous effects. Fibres Text. The main purpose of this study is to develop the exhaustive comparable analysis of proposed theoretical methods using data of various variants of fancy yarns and to make the recommendations about the possibilities of their use. The geometry of the effects could be considered as a classifying factor. Slub Yarn: Types, Production and End Uses - Textile Learner Grabowska, S. Vasile, L. van Langenhove, I.L. Chenille yarns are produced with different yarn counts, pile lengths, and twist levels on a chenille yarn machine. The properties of this type of yarn were investigated focussing on changing the twist and frequency of occurring effects using multiple regressions. The analysis is done using two theoretical methods for predicting the coil length of the binder yarn in the fancy yarn. E 97, 47–53 (2016). Mater. In paper (3) the modelling of specific kinds of the fancy yarn with loops and snarls is analysed. Crystal Palace Yarns Waikiki #3001 Code Pink Mini Slub DK Cotton 50gr 105 Yds $3.99 New Aslan Trends Litoral #1384 Autumn Copper Orange Brown Mini Boucle Yarn 100g 120y Inst. The wild cotton plant was domesticated in Asia, Africa, and South America nearly six thousand years ago. In the production of such yarns, the core yarn component is selected as acrylic while thepile yarn component is selected as viscose. J. Then, we carried out a series of experi-ments to study the relationship between the manufacturing parameters and yarn properties. A study deals with the analysis of the theoretical models of the fancy yarns. J. Such improved approach for simulation would help for further optimizing the design of the fabrics made from fancy yarns, which has the theoretical and practical value. Injected slub yarn is one of the most promising among different types of slub yarns. Also, mechanical properties of knitted fabric were measured including bursting strength and abrasion resistance. It is a blended yarn that has a higher percentage of cotton when compared to polyester. Textile Research Journal, 73, 11 - 14. The tensile properties, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Uster Technologies AG (2007) Measurement of Slub Yarns, USTER TESTER 5-800 Application Report, Part 2, Pour, S E. Department of Textile Technology, National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, 144011, India, You can also search for this author in Present study embodies the effect of some important parameters like base yarn twist level, number of base yarn, twist direction and injected fibre components on injected slub yarn performance in terms of tensile strength and breaking elongation. Eur. The basic parameters describing the structure and the tensile properties of bunch yarn produced on the ring-twisting frame for fancy yarns have been characterised. While it was once seen only as a defect, slub yarn is now intentionally recognized to give fabric more personality. A digital storage oscilloscope was used to convert the analogue output signals into digital data to be recorded on a computer. ... Wang and Huang (2002) concentrated their work on investigating and modelling the parameters of fancy yarns with slub effects spun on rotor spinning frames, and Pouresfandiari (2003) investigated the structure and properties of rotor loop fancy yarns. 6, 26–31 (1998), B. Amsler, P.O. & Midha, V.K. J.E. East. It is made of one loosely-spun rayon play wrapped with a fine binder and has a slight thick-and-thin look. The two latter criteria define every type of fancy yarns assortment and more precisely describe the characteristics that are related to the appearance of such yarn. Experimental data is used to establish the fuzzy logic model and construct basic principles. Response of Slub Characteristics on Tensile Properties of Injected Slub Yarn. Based on theories of computer graphics and computer simulation technology, this paper has set forth appearance parameter models of fancy yarns in the light of the spinning principle and the physical and geometric structure of fancy yarns. Fibres Text. On the basis of the experimental results correlation coefficients have been calculated and the functions of linear regression have been assessed. Apart from the simplest division into continuous and point effects, the classification of fancy yarns does not exist. The tensile properties have been investigated too. It comprises a high production of the total output of woven fabric. In case of single base slub yarn, final yarn tenacity and elongation increases with the reduction of base yarn twist level keeping final yarn twist multiplier constant. See more. J. Appl. (IJERA) 2, 3109–3117 (2012), J. Liu, Z. Li, Y. Lu, H. Jiang, Visualisation and determination of the geometrical parameters of slub yarn. Wrap yarn structure, geometrical characteristics, and mechanical properties were analyzed. Here the deviations not exceed 5 %. The comparison of the results obtained from the fuzzy logic model and the experiments shows that there is a strong linear relationship between the measured and predicted yarn shrinkage values. 9. Daniels, Textile Terms and Definitions, 10th edn. On the basis of the experimental results correlation coefficients have been calculated and the functions of linear regression have been assessed. Cotton, Linen, Jute, Man-made fibers both spun and continuous filament yarn. Ancient Egyptians made fine cloth at least four thousand years ago. The important influence of the wrap crimp on structural parameters and tensile properties of loop yarn has been found. Asian Text. Ciesieska, S. Vasile, Fancy yarns-an appraisal. Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series E The structure of these kind of yarns has been investigated on the basis of computer visual analysis. The tensile properties and abrasion resistance of injected slub yarns depend on the slub parameters. The basic parameters describing the structure of chenille fancy yarns produced on a che- nille yarn machine have been characterised. Yarn tenacity and elongation significantly higher in case of double base injected yarns as compared to single base injected yarn. Physical properties of knitted fabric were measured such as fabric density, thickness, shrinkage, spirality, color properties and thermal comfort properties. These shape differences are the functions of the tensions of component yarns during the twisting process. Text. CVC YARN. Nisarahmed, Structure and applications of Fancy Yarns. 3, 35–40 (2005). Hand Dyed Yarn Slub Textured Fingering Weight Indie Dyed Yarn, Mini Skein, SW Merino Wool and Nylon, Ready to Ship SmashKnitsCo. Fash. 10, 85–88 (2004), M. Alshukur, The quality of fancy yarns. India Ser. Improvements. Guala, Effect yarns: properties and parameters. However, the effect of base yarn twist level is marginal in case of injected slub yarn made with double base yarn. No study was published about the tensile properties of different sections of multicount yarn. According to the results, chenille yarns with higher twist levels and shorter pile lengths have lower shrinkage values, and the yarn count has a significant effect on shrinkage. The research (4) deals with the proposed theoretical method of calculating of the coil length using the precondition about the circle shaped cross-section of the effect intermediate product that consists of three yarns - one core (effect) yarn and two effect (core) yarns or two yarns - one core yarn and one effect yarn. Other factors supporting classification are the tensions of component yarns occurring during the twisting process. The surface of the yarn, especially the slub part is very much susceptible to damage by abrasion during usage, due to lack of fibre migration between base yarn fibres and injected fibres. They are: Both sides of the weave are identical. The effect of the properties of the component yarns, and that of machine parameters on the final count of the chenille yarns, have been studied. Int. The results obtained showed some discrepancies with former statements in literature, but demonstrated the significant importance of the false-twister for the morphology and properties of the plain wrap yarns. ABSTRACT Jaganathan, Sudhakar. In particular, we fabricated slub yarns with controllable slub and base yarn lengths as well as their colors. The blue/indigo yarns are the lengthwise or “warp” threads (parallel to the selvage). Eur. The details of various structures of both fancy and wrap yarns and their application are presented, special emphasis being given to the assessment of the quality of wrap yarns. 80, 377–390 (1989), Article  In this study, we have searched to assess slub yarns quality with comparison to that one of the conventional ring spun yarn. We make a range of Chief Value Cotton (CVC) yarn. East. Injected slub yarn is one of the most promising among different types of slub yarns. Correlation analyses confirmed strong linear relationships with high values of correlation coefficients (above 0.9) between the mass loss values obtained from abrasion tests and the abrasion coefficients of the chenille yarns obtained from image analysis. The modelling of snarl formation in the fancy yarns with snarl effects is based on the model of an elastic string. They differ in twist and crimp of the wrap yarn. Denim is a strong, durable fabric constructed in a twill weave with indigo and white yarns. The yarn is commonly manufactured from cotton, but can also be made using acrylic, rayon and olefin. We also deals in, fabric and ready made garments. And in combination with local illumination model and diffuse reflection model, the paper has solved the key problems of graphics expression of yarn appearance and simulating structural effect of yarns in light. Hari, in Woven Textiles, 2012.
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