To really set yourself apart in retail visual merchandising, why not use your products to inspire your artwork? However, abstract pieces will also work as they will create intrigue. Importance of Visual Merchandising (VM) Suppose you are walking on the street and you saw an apparel store with eye-catching designer dresses displayed on mannequins you will take a moment and look at the design and if you find it attractive, you will enter the store to know the price of the dress. Furthermore, Fit Small Business never allows partners to pay us to guarantee placement within an article that isn’t clearly marked as sponsored and companies cannot pay us for favorable (or unfavorable) reviews or ratings. Keep high theft items like cosmetics and hair accessories stocked near cash registers and areas that are easily viewed from multiple points of your store. $28.68: Encourage people to touch and feel your products. Tables, shelves, racks, end caps and wall fixtures can all showcase your products’ features and benefits. We will talk about what types of products should be placed in these locations just a little later. You want to fill this area with items like small sodas, candy bars, batteries, sunglasses, socks, hair accessories, and more. Visual merchandising plays an important role in improving the experience of a shopper. You’ll find that customers will always pick up an extra item or two that they forgot about or didn’t realize they needed along the way. Find out what you need by checking out this article on how to plan your store layout. ", "I was setup and going in minutes. Customers should notice how easy it is to move and shop your store without ever having to take their eyes off the store shelves. Also, make sure you have a clear view to the back of the store or security cameras. Keep these displays in the fronts of your stores throughout their particular season. LinkedIn This floor plan takes up more room but tends to be more visually pleasing: Every product can be shelved in it’s optimal style and with proper light. Remember, you can’t make any of these floor plans work for you if you don’t have the right fixtures and shelving. Show off your products on unique pieces, like unusual tables or other furniture to create that ‘wow’ effect. Use a bold life-size image or large props instead of plain signs with arrows, so that customers can get a pleasant visual experience while being expertly guided through your store. The example above shows Kate Spade’s imaginative and creative use of flowers for a Valentine’s Day visual merchandising theme. Visual Merchandiser: Display Assistant. Pieces of art can include paintings or sculpture and should tie-in to your brand in some way. As well as making the display the focal point of your store, you should also make your products the central part of your visual merchandising. Visual Merchandising is getting higher acceptance because of its ability to visualize the idea. Attract the target customer through creating a visual effect on their mind. If you don’t have the budget for fresh flowers, research suggests that even looking at a picture of nature has calming and relaxing effects. For instance, a fashion retailer can draw attention to their new summer collection by using a display of someone at the beach. Always try to use most of the space to display your merchandise, while leaving enough room for customers to walk around the store. Visual merchandising can help customers to picture how an item will look in their home or even how they will wear it. Price Points. Successful visual merchandising should lead your customer to the items you want them to take notice of. Their interface is amazing and simple to use. Based on how you’re arranging your products, you’ll want to have three of them side by side instead of just one. Privacy Policy. Record accurate timesheets and attendance to make payroll a breeze. Taking into account the key considerations above, here are 10 creative examples of successful visual merchandising in retail: 1. Source: Public Domain. Your point-of-sale display should jog your customer’s memories about items they forgot to pick-up. Using visual merchandising in your cash register area is consistent with the idea that every area of your store should be used to enhance the customer experience and sales. Our mission is to help improve the lives of employers and employees, using technology to transform operations and help businesses thrive. It’s the same concept of putting the most sought after and high volume items in the back. Social media language is brief, to the point and impactful. Check out this article on cash wraps and how to buy them. Deputy sets you free from the mundane admin and day-to-day stress of managing your team. Sarah has been working with us at Tower Bridge for more than three years. directly or indirectly through relying on this information. Facebook 4.9( 7 REVIEWS ) 296 STUDENTS $ 249.00. Sign up to receive more well-researched retail articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. Your brand will also be seen as on-trend when using the latest social media lingo. A bed will be made displayed with other bedroom fittings to give a representation of a real-life bedroom. The angular layout is typically used in jewelry stores, clothing stores and other boutiques. Bright lights create a modern feel while softer lighting gives stores a more intimate ambiance. The color of the lights can also reflect your retail brand. David Waring is the Co-Founder of Marc Waring Ventures LLC, the parent company of It’s a smart idea for retailers to use social media language in their visual merchandising, especially if they’re marketing to millennials. To learn more on how to set store lighting, check out our article on retail store lighting. Another important point to consider when merchandising items in jewelry stores is lighting. You are going to need something with weight to support the amounts and types of items you’ll be ringing up. It’s no wonder it’s known as the ‘silent salesperson.’ Great examples of visual merchandising in retail are those that have a positive effect on the customer experience and profits. disclaims all liability (except for any liability which by law cannot be These partnerships help support our site so we can keep bringing you the best answers to your questions. Visual merchandising in retail is the display and promotion of products in a way that encourages sales. These include things like: Place consumables and everyday goods at the back of your store. Consider using no more than three short statements or words in bullet form to tell your visual merchandising story. Here are some considerations for the materials involved in the visual merchandising of a retail store: Lighting (spotlights, and brightness levels), Outside signs (awnings, banners, and marquees). Get interactive8. Whether you’re creating a 3D in-store display to showcase the latest trends or using signage to highlight your services top features, these methods of visual merchandising can catch a customer’s eye, inform them of a new product, and ultimately, increase sales. Bold and bright lights can be used to highlight your display. A lot of thought should go into storytelling because the message needs to be brief, attention-grabbing and useful. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes when assessing your visual merchandising. A retail display is anything in a store that houses or promotes your product. Want to stay up-to-date on the retail industry? Thankfully, with today’s technology business security systems no longer cost an arm and a leg. It may sound like a cliché to say that visual merchandising is both an art and a science, but it’s true. Instead, clever usage of blank space, like using signage in the space between the merchandise and the ceiling, won’t overwhelm customers. Check whether you can see your display from different parts of the store. Engage with All the Senses. Models of humans for interior or window displays. Valentine’s Day display at the front of a candy store. contained in this article and any loss or damage suffered by any person It’s no wonder it’s known as the ‘silent salesperson.’ Worse, you could get stuck with it and have to throw it all away, so give it the best chance to sell by keeping it in the front of your store. Mannequins. Specific product displays focus on just one department or brand. Keeping these two things in mind will allow you to come up with a floor layout and associated product merchandising plan to maximize your store’s full sales potential. See more ideas about visual merchandising, denim display, retail design. This layout gives you the maximum floor space to display merchandise and brings the customers to clearly defined focal points. Visual merchandising in retail is the display and promotion of products in a way that encourages sales. The use of the right colors can enhance a display even if the quality of the items are substandard. You could also use lifestyle and life-sized graphics to help customers form a connection with your product. Detail is retail. The most important aspect in visual merchandising is your store layout and the way customers can navigate through it. Use mannequins effectively9. It’s not only bold colors that attract attention – a simple black and white display could encourage customers’ interest. A boutique or apparel store should be set up to let customers openly browse through your store while drawing them to higher margin brands. Visual merchandising is intended to catch the customer’s eye, so words or signage that requires someone to stop in order to read will be ineffective. Place high margin items at the front of your store. Then, more expensive pieces are placed in the case underneath them. HouseMart training video on merchandising display techniques and why it's important to the store. A visual merchandiser uses creativity and combines the brand's goals with the customer's desires. Whether you own a small or a large retail business, creating the right atmosphere to put customers at ease is a must. Source: Charleston Gazette, Paint store “power wall” includes brushes & other high margin accessories. Here are some important points to keep in mind when placing products in a boutique setting: Always organize from lightest to darkest, smallest to largest. The toilet paper in this example has a particularly high sales markup percentage. Use art4. 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