This thesis will examine the relationship between the development of socialist feminism in the central organization and in the activist health projects. "The Chicago Women's Graphic Collective." A large portion of CWLU's work revolved around education. The story of the CWLU’s theory and strategy, its leadership and structure, and its action/outreach focus in its multitude of projects and programs is too often overlooked in women’s and gender studies and women’s history programs. Abortion Counseling Service of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union went even further, creating an underground feminist abortion service in 1963. Carol, Estelle. . It's going to require changes in expectations, jobs, child care, and education. Chicago Women's Liberation Union records, 1954, 1967-1978. The Chicago Women's Liberation Union (CWLU, 1969–1977) was founded by women from the civil rights movement and Students for a Democratic Society. Local chapters in the CWLU functioned as semi-autonomous groups. (Please note: Special access procedures apply to this collection. Questions? Over a four-year period, the group provided more than 11,000 first- and 2 Collection Category Gender Number of Folders 1 Part II Containers C-39. Women: The Longest Revolution. For example, socialist feminist wanted to integrate the recognition of sex discrimination with their work to achieve justice, equality for women, working classes, the poor and all humanity. Using comedy, satire, and a diversity of song styles, it overturned the grim macho of a standard rock performance. The courts often assigned untrained, hurried prosecuting attorneys to the cases. The CWLU did not participate in electoral politics, instead work groups took on the city government to advocate for women's rights. These groups argued over leadership roles in the CWLU and were purged from the organization after the event in 1976. 22: Welfare is a women's issue / Johnnie Tillmon, 1972 23: Socialist feminism: a strategy for the women's movement / Chicago women's liberation union, 1972 24: What's wrong with 'equal rights' for women? None of the above Secret Storm was another newspaper published by a CWLU group of the same name. . The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective originally used silkscreen to create their large brilliantly colored prints because it was inexpensive and posters could be produced in member's apartments. A representative from each work group went to monthly meetings of the Steering Committee to reach consensus on organizational policy and strategy. At Campbell's Soup, women workers fought for plant-wide seniority and an end to dual seniority lists, both of which were discriminatory. Editorial Committee, CWLU Herstory, ed. Local chapters included the Hyde Park Chapter, the Friday Night Chapter, Brazen Hussies, Mrs. O'Leary, and more. The Lesbian Group of CWLU took on this newspaper's title and was also known as Blazing Star. Gay Women's Group,; Chicago Women's Liberation Union,] Some local chapters combined both. n. page. Ruth Surgal was a social worker who had been active in the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union. The CWLU also worked with a Hispanic organization called CESA (Committee to End Sterilization Abuse.) This project began after the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, which legalized abortion. Halaman ini adalah semua tentang akronim dari CWLU dan maknanya sebagai Chicago Women's Liberation Union. Chicago Women's Liberation Union news Newsletter of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union Published: Chicago, Ill. : Chicago Women's Liberation Union. A key founder of WE came from the CWLU and was a voice for Chicago's workingwomen. [3] In rape cases before the Anti-Rape Movement, hospitals that did admit rape victims were not sensitive to their needs and were often unskilled in gathering evidence for possible prosecution. The Anti-Rape Movement of the 1970s in Chicago provided an opportunity for women to feel empowered by generating change within institutions. Towards a Revolutionary Women’s Culture | The Politics of … The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective was first organized in 1970 to provide high quality feminist posters for the growing women's liberation movement and to encourage women in the arts. Because the idea is, in the long run, that women's liberation will be men's liberation, too. All women are encouraged to come by our office where there are posters and literature to buy, and someone to talk with about what we are doing and why – and how you can get involved, Phone calls are welcome too. [4], Vivian Rothstein was the CWLU's first staff member, organized its representative decision-making part, and aided the establishment of its Liberation School for Women.[2]. N.p.. The CWLU worked with a student and faculty group called the Circle Women's Liberation Union to form the Women's Studies program in 1972 to "make knowledge by, about, and for women in all fields accessible to students." NCAAAP c . CWLU was formed in 1969 and played a leading role in the women’s liberation movement in Chicago during the 1970s. 2007: n. page. The Chicago Women's Liberation Union, also known as CWLU, was a feminist organization founded in 1969 at a conference in Palatine, Illinois.. Some groups within the CWLU focused specifically on women's involvement in music and the arts. The DARE program's focal point was to integrate women into the workforce. Interviews with former members of Chicago Women's Liberation Union, 1985-1991. . Their political fight for antiracism, disability rights, labor community and reproductive rights would help women strengthen their status in society. Support the cause! Two groups, the Two-Line paper authors and the Asian Women's Group, passed out leaflets at the 1976 International Women's Day Event that denounced many ideas of the CWLU. Manifestos, speeches, essays, and other materials documenting various aspects of the Women's Movement in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. The CWLU Herstory Website Project was organized to archive and share the history of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. Receive monthly news, announcements and events. Series. This newspaper publicized struggles at Stewart-Warner, Campbell's Soup, and other workplaces in and around Chicago. Physical Description: volumes : illustrations Additional Creators: Chicago Women's Liberation Union Feminist Revolution (discusses disruptive practices that activists experienced) by Redstockings, Random House, 1978 Archives: Chicago Women’s Liberation Union Herstory Project CWLU memos, newsletters, leaflets, position papers, documents, recordings, classic feminist essays. Healthcare, especially reproductive medical services, was a major concern for CWLU. Blazing Star was a newspaper published in 1975 that focused on the struggles and discrimination lesbians faced. No More Fun and Games ca. Get this from a library! / Phyllis Schlafly, 1972 Answer to Weisstein was a member of : a . How the Strike for Equality Relaunched the Struggle for Women’s … . Seperti disebutkan di atas, CWLU digunakan sebagai akronim dalam pesan teks untuk mewakili Chicago Women's Liberation Union. Not only would longtime union activists, like Stella Nowicki from Chicago’s stockyards, become involved with women’s liberation— they also helped birth its most national manifestation. Topics covered include CWLU sisterhood, CWLU theory & strategy, selected CWLU programs, teaching modules, in-depth analyses, key CWLU documents, recent feminist resources. The CWLU worked with Chicago NOW on several projects including defense of the Abortion 7, the City Hall janitress campaign, and an economic justice march in 1974. Gardiner, Judith. The Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, hereafter Union or CWLU, was a feminist union that operated in Chicago, Illinois, from 1969 to 1977 and was the first and largest union, at the time of its operation, focused on women’s issues. Covers CWLU’s theory, strategy, leadership, structure, action, outreach and a multitude of programs. “ Women's Rights, Women's Organizations and the State.” In Human Rights in Turkey: Policies and Prospects, ed. The Liberation School, among other projects, served as a gateway to more opportunities for women. "A Short History of Women's Studies at UIC." The play The Last of the Red Hot Mammas, or, the Liberation of Women as Performed by the Inmates of the World was first performed at its founding conference, and Naomi Weisstein was one of those who performed in the play on that occasion. There was a rich and illuminating vein of "contribution" history to be mined. Kris Vallotton Recommended for you. Formats. Members of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union (CWLU) march in the International Women's Day Demonstration in Chicago on March 9, 1974. The term "women's liberation movement" is often used synonymously with "women's movement" or "second-wave feminism," although there were actually many types of feminist groups. Lesbianism and socialist feminism : a position paper of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. When police gave credibility to the charge of rape, they often treated the situation without sincerity and did not take the victims seriously. Web. Title.