This extensive range gives you the opportunity to express your own personal style without breaking the bank. Thanks for your understanding. High gloss products are great for cabinetry. High Gloss doors have a layer of vinyl placed straight on to the MDF, so they don’t have quite the same hardness as Ultragloss doors. As they have a layer of acrylic, Ultragloss doors are slightly harder to the touch. What’s more, you can order your Ultragloss doors with edges that match the front, or with a glass effect edge. Unfortunately, we are being told that most of the high gloss cabinets come from Italy and have a long lead time. Panels are made by applying UV lacquered films on to 3/4" thick medium density fiberboard (MDF). Acrylic offers an incredible textural contrast with a range of backsplash materials. Not only are these Acrylic Slab Doors made to measure in any size you wish with 2 different edging options – They also carry the FIRA Gold Award which is the ultimate mark of product excellence within the furniture industry. We always do our best to get them out sooner if possible though! High-gloss cabinets often provide a cleaner look, adding a pop of shine and European flair. Availability: Made to Order in 7-9 Working Days. High Gloss Doors. Door features MDF core with thin layer of high gloss acrylic on front and back of the door. High Gloss doors still gleam, but have a slightly softer shine. Click for more information, These are used with Google Adwords and Bing. High Gloss Kitchen Doors. One of the leading importers of high-gloss acrylic board from Germany, we offer the full range of Niemann Boards, gloss kitchen units & high gloss kitchen cabinets to our customers. The reflective finish gives your kitchen an ultra-modern look, and better still, the mirror-slick … This is especially true with white cabinets, which are a top seller in high gloss and give the kitchen a light and bright appearance. Click for more information, These help us analyse how people use the site – the pages they visit most, the times site traffic is highest, and conversion rates, to name just a few things we measure. With a plain slab style door and drawer fronts, the … But if you’re replacing doors in your bedroom, for example, they won’t be exposed to heat, steam and water. High gloss doors are easy to care for and extremely durable. A premium high-gloss finish option preferred for high-end modular kitchens, acrylic finishes are visually appealing, warm and welcoming. Niemann SA. At Dream Doors we fit made to measure kitchen doors so you can choose to reface your kitchen cupboards rather than replace them. Ultragloss doors have that mirror-like surface. Choose from 25 designs and made-to-measure sizes. If you want to give a new life to your home you should start from the kitchen, you should choose from our amazing variety of made to measure High Gloss Kitchen Doors! As our core mission is to provide all our customers with access to every aspect of their kitchen and bedroom door order all under one roof, our product pages provide you with access to everything you could possibly need. The clean lines and contemporary styling of a high gloss finish create a bold statement in any kitchen. – With vinyl wrapped doors, you are pressing a thin film of vinyl onto the MDF core and so any specs of dust/glue or surface imperfections show through – creating that dreaded orange peel effect. Hopefully this will be rectified soon. Our collection of handleless kitchen doors include doors in both matt and high gloss finish. – Sprayed/lacquered doors are a huge step up from vinyl wrapped, but unfortunately still suffer from imperfections due to inconsistent layers of paint and spraying techniques. They have a flawless glass-like finish in a slab design and are edged to the highest quality possible using state of the art CNC and robotic processes. -To ensure durability, quality and a high spec finish, the edging is applied using PUR (Poly Urethane Reactive) glue with a much higher heat and water resistance than glues normally used. We can supply made to measure Replacement High Gloss Kitchen Doors to fit your own carcasses or we can team them with our carcass units if you want new kitchen furniture. High Gloss Kitchen Doors are a modern style of replacement kitchen door, often purchased to add colour, light and style to any kitchen design. Handleless kitchen doors are made out of MDF where the top/bottom of the door is recessed to create J shape groove which allows you to open the door with fingers … The LUXE surface provides a High Gloss finish and the highest scratch resistance in the industry, paired … Orders are packed into bundles, all wrapped, with heavy duty corner protectors and thick polystyrene and then strapped into strong cardboard boxes. High gloss kitchen doors a real statement, due to their stylish and modern design. Order a free sample today by calling 01942 231500. High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Doors High gloss kitchen doors, drawers, and accessories look stunning. Our extensive collection of Replacement High Gloss Kitchen Doors gives you the flexibility to choose your own unique design, colour and size combination from the broad ranges available. White high gloss acrylic kitchen door. Why Acrylic Doors? Door Specifications -18.5mm Door Thickness. Our made to measure acrylic kitchen doors collection is available in high gloss and super matt finish. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Ultragloss doors are a little more hardwearing. The signature flat design and reflective surface can look great in a variety of finishes, from cool whites to vibrant reds. The width of the door cannot be less than 100mm. Two great collections... 53 x non-gloss kitchen door finishes 22 x gloss kitchen door finishes Buying Gloss Kitchen Doors from us has never been easier.Our website includes all the essential guides, help sections, support and sales care you could possibly require. Made out of real acrylic fronts and edged on all four sides with either matching or glass effect edging choosing our acrylic kitchen door range means you can have bespoke furniture without the price tag, … They give a modern look to kitchens and homes in general. Edge options are matching edging, glass effect edging and plywood edging. Postage Costs All products on our website carry the same postage costs which are: -Total Order under £150 = £7.99 -Total Order £150 to £375 = £14.99 -Total Order over £375 = FREE! Alike in name, slightly different in nature. Please allow up to 5 working days for a response as we currently have no staff in the office. Our gloss kitchen unit doors are durable, long-lasting and of extremely high quality, guaranteed to give your kitchen … *** PRICING ISSUE *** Please also note we currently have a technical issue where some items are turning to £0 in the shopping cart which we are working on. *** COVID 19 NOTICE & XMAS SHUTDOWN *** We are currently operating with only around 25% of usual staffing levels to be able to comply with guidelines and so lead times will be extended. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. They vary hugely from supplier to supplier in their quality. Every order over $5,000 receives $300 OFF. We offer a wide range of doors in many different colours. The gloss lux laminate kitchen doors undergo the same process, but the lacquered front is finished using a revolutionary laser system which fuses its sharp edge to the surface on all sides of the door. We’ve been shortlisted in the BKU Awards. Hinge Holes can be drilled in these doors at a cost of 75p per hole using the drop down menus above. The height of the door cannot be more than 2540mm. Choose the detail, colour, finish and handles so that it suits your aesthetic. Our kitchen cabinet doors are designed to fit the units/cabinets of top UK kitchen brands, including B&Q, Magnets and Homebase. -Made to Measure minimum width 100mm, maximum width 1200mm. Whether you choose a bold shade such as black or red, or a more subtle colour, modern homes look stunning with gloss kitchen doors that are complemented by sleek curved units and accessories such as modern bar handles or handleless designs. We have finally brought the clean lines of a top end European kitchen or bedroom within your reach…. Click for more information, If you have any questions, email us on ‘Cottagecore’: the lowdown on the new interiors trend. Each cabinet door style offers unique features that will bring personality to a space and help to spring your kitchen into life. Although they may appear fragile, gloss kitchen doors are extremely durable, due to their thickness and the high quality material used. A little, yes. Find your new kitchen doors in High Gloss … Acrylic kitchen doors are one of the best quality for price kitchen doors you can have in your kitchen. Gloss White kitchen doors give a stunning modern appeal to any kitchen. Kitchen Door Workshop is a business based in East Sussex focussed on delivering quality and affordable kitchen and bedroom door replacements to the UK mainland and Ireland. White gloss doors and pale shades, in particular, reflect light and create a sense of space. Don't forget that our doors and drawer fronts come with a 10 year guarantee. Again, yes. -Material: 18mm MDF core with a surface finish in a mix of Acrylic/PVC materials. Sorry for any inconvenience. In this case, you may narrow down your option to high gloss lacquer. If the order goes through we will be in touch to arrange payment for the £0 items. What’s the difference between High Gloss doors and Ultragloss doors? Handleless J-profile kitchen doors are one of the best selling kitchen doors in the UK market. Smooth, high quality gloss kitchen doors also benefit as they effectively reflect light as it hits their surface to make a kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. The edges also have a slight bevel to them – something to consider if you’ve got little ones, as the edges on High Gloss doors aren’t quite as angular as the ones on Ultragloss doors. All kitchen cabinets orders over $2,500 qualify! We are still taking orders as usual - you can buy doors and order samples online as normal, and our Customer Service team are here to help, so give us a call on 01825 765041 or email us at [email protected]. The cabinet finish you choose can create a vividly different look, regardless of the cabinet material you pick. High Gloss Cabinet Doors; Wood Veneer Cabinet Doors; Solid Color Cabinet Doors; HPL Cabinet Doors; Aluminum Glass Cabinet Doors; High Gloss Wood Veneer Cabinet Doors; ... For limited time, enjoy additional savings to your kitchen cabinets order! Packaging We feel this is one of the most important stages and nearly always neglected for kitchen doors. High Gloss Doors. High Gloss Finish with a Mirror Effect The LUXE collection is the result of applying the latest generation of materials with the most advanced technology in lacquered surfaces. These are necessary for the site to work. Our slab and shaker doors can be complemented by our many different choices of handles, knobs and cups. High gloss cabinets kitchen - over the past few years, high gloss kitchen cabinets have become very popular due to their dramatic visual appeal. Ultra High Gloss White Custom Size Panels (Edged), Ultra High Gloss Sample Off-Cuts (Acrylic), Ultra High Gloss White Kitchen End Panels, Ultra High Gloss Edging Tape (All Colours), Ultra High Gloss Acrylic Sample Doors (14 Colours). High Gloss White kitchen doors are made to reflect natural light into your kitchen, helping you to open up the space where you need it most. High Gloss Kitchen Doors. Acrylic is extremely versatile when it comes to design flexibility, available many colours it can be made to match any room or style. High Gloss White kitchen doors and drawers from £8.97. Ultra High Gloss White Slab Doors with absolutely stunning unrivalled levels of gloss. -Ultra High Gloss White Face and Edge. High Gloss doors tend to be slightly cheaper than Ultragloss doors, but this isn’t always the case – it can depend on things like sizing so do look at a range of our gloss doors. If you are on budget, consider high gloss kitchen cabinet doors made of … They epitomise modern kitchens. From Traditional Doors to High Gloss Modern Doors when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors the choice is yours and it’s all online! This fusion creates a high quality, water-tight and temperature resistant door which is both durable and hygienic. This gives these ultra modern doors one of the best finishes in the market of its type. We have every option covered: 1mm ABS edged melamine, Vinyl Wrapped, 18mm Acrylic, 2 Pack Polyurethane (Painted) or we can even supply the doors … Our acrylic faced & edged doors are what we consider to be the top end of the market for High Gloss Kitchen Doors. A sleek, handleless look can be achieved by choosing J-pull, or choose Intelliga for a truly handleless finish. Gloss kitchen doors create a luxury, modern look, whilst their lustrous shine ensures an inviting kitchen feel. IMPORTANT: All manufacturers use different drilling locations and so you have the option above to enter your own measurements if you wish. The polished surface also reflects light across the room, which can make the space appear larger than it is. Canada / USA Awards & Tests -Fira Gold Award, BS 6222:Part 3, BS EN 312, BS EN 622, Fira Standard 041, Fira Standard 048, Fira Standard 6250. High gloss kitchen cabinet doors with high ratings are expensive, but they are glossier and no need to doubt the quality they offer. Displayed below is the largest collection of finishes available for kitchen doors, drawer fronts and accessories in the UK. And if you’ve got any questions we haven’t answered, give us a call or drop us an email. Because of its high gloss properties it is most often used to create modern cabinets, high gloss solid acrylic doors, high gloss wall panels, and high gloss kitchen doors. © 1996-2020, Kitchen Door Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. This UV cured coat makes this product very resistant and durable. The highest quality kitchens and bedrooms available at affordable prices – backed up by outstanding customer service and guarantees. -Suggested Board Match: Egger W980 -Made to Measure minimum height 100mm, maximum height 2540mm. But it really depends what you’re looking for – Ultragloss doors are ideal for kitchens as they’ll withstand daily wear-and-tear slightly better. The reason for choosing an acrylic slab door would be to get the highest level of gloss possible with crisp door edges to achieve an ultra modern look: – Acrylic Doors are composed of an MDF core which then has a solid sheet of acrylic faced on to it – This is how it gets its glass like finish with no ‘orange peel’ effect or imperfections due to the thick acrylic surface. The edges of Ultragloss doors come to a 90-degree angle – they’re not rounded or bevelled. Replacement kitchen doors |High Gloss Doors | made to measure doors. Made to order items are currently on around a 12-18 working day lead time till despatch, with stocked items on around 5-7 working days till despatch. They’re totally smooth and look almost glassy. Our high gloss kitchen cabinets can be easily fixed to replace your existing kitchen cabinets, saving time and money in the process.This rings especially true as replacement kitchen doors are very competitively priced, as we look to give you your dream kitchen within a budget you are happy with.. Our high gloss doors do not come with holes drilled for hinges handles. It takes 7 to 10 working days to manufacture and they are then despatched via a 2 working day courier – So please allow up to 12 working days. The reason for choosing an acrylic slab door would be to get the highest level of gloss possible with crisp door edges to achieve an ultra modern look: – Acrylic Doors are composed of an MDF core which then has a solid sheet of acrylic faced on to it – This is how it gets its glass like finish with no ‘orange peel’ effect or imperfections due to the thick acrylic surface. Hi - we are re-doing an old house and are going for a contemporary high gloss european kitchen cabinet look, frameless, slab doors. If you are looking to transform your kitchen with new kitchen doors, drawer fronts and accessories you are in the right place. -Back of door is in a matching colour of white with a matt/satin finish. Door Composition -Our Acrylic faced slab doors are manufactured in one of the most advanced factories in the industry today, and are produced to the very highest quality and spec possible using CNC and robotic processing machinery. The key difference between these two types of smooth, shining doors is that Ultragloss doors are made from MDF with a layer of acrylic, and High Gloss doors are made from MDF and then wrapped in vinyl. Lumi gloss white can be used in a traditional kitchen or a minimalistic modern kitchen with great results. 15+ COLORS / Deep Mirror Modern High Gloss Cabinet Kitchens. You could use an Ultragloss door to check your lipstick or straighten your tie, if you needed to. To keep both our staff and customers safe during the coronavirus outbreak, our showroom is temporarily closed. Solid HIGH-GLOSS Kitchen Cabinets // MIRROR FINISH Custom Cabinets from $49/sqft. The boards are available in a polygloss, polymatt & acrylux finish. Give your a kitchen a fresh new look! Now you’re fully clued-up on the similarities and differences, why not browse our range of gleaming gloss doors? We do our best to make sure that customers receive the goods in the same condition they leave our factory. High Gloss kitchen doors are the epitome of fresh, minimalist design. Read on to learn more about the advantages of choosing a high gloss kitchen cabinet when upgrading your kitchen. Various Samples are available for this product: Ultra High Gloss Mini Sample Swatch, Ultra High Gloss Sample Offcuts, Ultra High Gloss Sample Doors. High Gloss doors will give you those attractive shining surfaces for very reasonable prices. Hot Doors offers high gloss, handles, flat panel and traditional replacement kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts for every size and shape kitchen unit. MADE TO ORDER ITEMS ARE NOT GUARANTEED BEFORE XMAS as we will be closing on Wed 16th Dec until Wed 6th Jan. To manage customer expectations we are strongly advising to email us your requirements or screenshot your basket so we can make the necessary enquiries to let you know availability and lead times in case of any out of stocks or issues. Please see the information below for details: Hinge Hole Specification – 35mm Diameter – 13mm Depth – Drilled at 22.5mm from door edge to hole centre, Hinge Hole Locations – Standard Drilling: 98mm from top and bottom of door to hole centre (This drilling will suit all of our cabinets on this website). The height of the door cannot be less than 100mm. The key difference between these two types of smooth, shining doors is that Ultragloss doors are made from MDF with a layer of acrylic, and High Gloss doors are made from MDF and then wrapped in vinyl. Without them, you may not be able to move around the site smoothly. Great kitchen door with 6 year warranty and entirely made to measure at a really good price. The Essex in High Gloss Light Grey Mostly plain, but with clear profiling along its sides and subtler profiling along the top and bottom, the Essex door is a great balance of minimalist style and classic design.If you’re looking to modernise a dated kitchen but still want the room to look timeless, the Essex door is the perfect choice. Handleless Kitchen Doors – Matt & High Gloss Finishes. [email protected]. Below we take you through the main differences between our High Gloss doors and our Ultragloss doors. Create the right ambience and signature look for your kitchen with a kitchen face-lift. The kitchen is the heart of your home, it is the place where you can prepare culinary delights, that … There’s plenty to consider when choosing new kitchen doors, and even if you know you’re looking for gloss doors, you need to think about the right materials, edging, cost, and so on. Oct 30, 2020 - Explore REHAU Surface Solutions's board "High-Gloss Kitchen", followed by 586 people on Pinterest. The width of the door cannot be more than 1200mm. See more ideas about high gloss kitchen, gloss kitchen, kitchen design. This is a kitchen door design that has stood the test of time. Please see the below link for a guide on determining your required hinge hole location: Despatch Time These doors are made to order. All of our acrylic kitchen doors are made to measure and available in three different edged in choices. Read on for the lowdown on our high-shine doors…. White is one of our most popular colours for an airy, spacious sleek ultra modern look…, These high gloss white slab doors are from our absolutely stunning made to measure acrylic collection which is available in 14 colours with 2 edging options and a full range of matching accessories.