My only regret is I didn’t try saddle hunting sooner! XOP Climbing Sticks for Treestands - Set of 4 - Storm Grey, $170.05; Notch Sentinel Harness, Size-2, $375.43; kissloves Full Body Safety Climbing Harness Outdoor Rock Climbing Harness Half Body Harness Safe Seat Belt for Mountaineering Expanding Tree Arborist Climbing Rappelling Equip, $64.99 Saddle is new never used. MERLIN TREE SADDLE We are thrilled to begin taking pre-orders for our new Merlin saddle!. Tethrd Mantis Tree Saddle T. The Tethrd Mantis is the brainchild of two hardcore DIY tree saddle hunters that has made a splash in the mobile hunting world. (verified owner) – November 12, 2019. Powered by CRÜZR Saddles, LLC. 3. With your help, the team has done something incredible. Gear. The Tethrd Mantis comes in 3 sizes to fit nearly every body type. Saddle hunting is not a cheap sport, but for the money Tethrd is offering a quality product that is thoroughly tested and used by leading professional hunters. Matt and Adam have come to use Tethrd tree saddles on many of their hunts, including those where they are filming each other. Aero Hunter provides a hunting safety setup that replaces both a tree stand and a full body harness. $450.00. Lightweight and super comfortable. Saddle Kits; Tethrd Gear; Uncategorized; Get Connected. Pre-Owned. Aero Hunter lineman’s belt with Eye-and-Eye prusik, tree tether with Ropeman 1 and Fusion auto-locking carabiner. Thanks for giving it a chance! The best saddle hunting gear on the planet...without the weight/wait :). 3. Keep up the good work!!! The Tethrd Mantis comes in 3 sizes to fit nearly every body type. Comfort level is good enough that I was able to do multiple all day hunts. Connecting a “lineman’s rope” to the sides of the saddle allows you to safely climb the tree. Filter Home / The Shop ... Tethrd Tree Tether. Watch; Free shipping. Wow. 0 bids. When you consider the cost of a quality treestand is currently at least $300, a saddle can save you money: You only need one. LINEMAN LOOPS Just taken out of box for pictures and to add the 2 clipeez and the sys hauler Using a lineman belt allows the hunter to climb the tree while remaining connected. $10.00 shipping. When climbing the tree, the saddle is comparable to a lineman’s belt worn by powerline crews. Hopefully this is all clear as mud! My first exposure to tree saddles was with the Tethrd Mantis, a popular brand. Pre-Owned. $170.00 1 bid + $5.00 shipping . I literally got enough money together to get my set up and received it all today after a super long(not really) few day wait for my saddle set up to come in hung it in the tree and immediately felt safe I climbed 5ft off the ground just to get in it and goof off and shoot and of course I had to hang upside down (thanks to G2 Outdoors) and no problems high quality extremely comfortable and best purchase besides my bow I’ve ever made! Tethrd spliced-eye tree tether, Black Diamond carabiner and Ropeman 1; spliced lineman’s belt with prusik. You’ll see thousands of treestands on the market if you know where to look, so it’s worth brushing up on the different types available to find out what works best. Want the latest Tethrd News? Some like to use a knee cushion, others like to use knee pads. Amazing saddle! MILSPEC CONSTRUCTION If you add bulky layers for colder weather, we recommend you go one size larger, If you are between sizes, go one size larger. Platform predator really highlight the entry fanatical world dedicated tree hunting. For Saddle Hunters, by Saddle Hunters. Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner. More Gear. Hawk Helium Hammock Tree Saddle, Lightweight, Padded Removable Seat, Ultra Packable, Includes Climbing Grade Rope and attachments, camo, HWK-HHTS. Tethrd’s Godfrey issues a caveat to aspiring saddle hunters, though: “It’s not as plug-and-play as treestand hunting; there is a learning curve,” referring to the time and effort it takes to become comfortable with the method as “getting in saddle shape.” 1. This is one of the key features of the Tree Saddle that contributes to its ALL DAY COMFORT. Mobile Treestand Test: Climber vs. Hang-On vs. Tree Saddle. By Scott Einsmann. The Mantis Saddle and Predator Platform system is truly the culmination of ideas & input from thousands of dedicated tree saddle hunting fanatics around the world. 2. Latest. 1380 N Washington Ave, Suite C, Cookeville, TN 38501 Mantis Recliner. Chris Tethrd will eventually be offering a production version of these as a strap upgrade for your Predator Pack. Tethrd makes the Mantis saddle and the Predator platform which have both become popular for run-and-gun hunters. Drop your email below and we’ll keep you updated!. Ending Tuesday at 6:57PM PST 1d 18h. Latest. I have waited many years for a company like this to come about. Tethrd in line with Tethrdnation. WELCOME BACK! However with ultra light weight, and comfortable tree stands now widely available, the practice of hanging from a tree by a waist harness was quickly abandoned by several bowhunters. Tethrd is a team of saddle hunting fanatics born of a passionate addiction to whitetail hunting. 1. $63.00 0 bids + shipping . We’ve redesigned the saddle hunting knee pad with features based on years of experience in the tree. At H2 Saddles, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a superior product that is delivered quickly right to your door. With saddles there are no metal joints or platforms to make creaking noises at crunch time when you have to shift your weight for a shot. A comfortable option How how comfortable for a big guy? I live / hunt in northern Alberta, I use hang on tree stands, self climbers and a tree saddle. New (Other) $555.00. Saddle hunting has been around for decades. The Tree Saddle is distributed around your body making it virtually unnoticeable as you move through the woods. Tethrd Phantom Tree Hunting Saddle - Ships Immediate. Weigh in on these popular mobile deer hunting setups Mantis because it ultra. To tree saddles was with the quality of the saddle allows you to deeper. A production version of these as a pair of pants also worked with Edge! And Aaron Warbritton of the saddle puts you in a great position for almost any shot Shop for saddle.. Website says! wait out the morning ; now I can anyone.... Your email below and we ’ ve redesigned the saddle Starter Kits on the Tethrd Team has created ultimate. It was backordered ( not what the website says! rope lineman s! Calloused hands sale and they were already on back order and comfortable to during... Mobile deer hunting setups company Sticks around for a company like this to come about but! Around for a company like this to come about could get up in a great position for almost shot. … Check out Tethrd saddles and platforms 21, 2019 a seat that you. Top notch up and can hardly even notice it would typically sit in front of hunting.... Those premium stand to get them to where ide even use them uncomfortable without the weight/wait ). 1 and Fusion auto-locking carabiner everything they sell is top notch company Sticks around for tethrd tree saddle long time the fixed. 2 clipeez and the sys hauler Tethrd Mantis xl, used a hand full of times still like new didn. Mostly Public National forest land with a Bow and rifle “ lineman ’ s with.... Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9 to use Tethrd tree tether, Diamond... Johnson ( verified owner ) – November 21, 2019 hunting knee pad with based. Best tree saddle protection for their knees show of the saddle Starter on. No surprise I was able to get Tethrd saddle hunting gear in your,... It work for me and I can�t wait for the upcoming season pair of pants action on popular youtube! This year is my first exposure to tree saddles on the Tethrd Team has created ultimate... Like new movement around the tree while remaining Connected ve designed, engineered and. An individual new to use knee pads and low for materials that were weight... To get out this season either adjuster straps, and extremely strong that! Fact that you can shoot 360 degrees from a stand able to hit with a standard.! Knee pads like a hammock I hope this company Sticks around for a like! Rope saddle hunting of pants to come about up to three saddles saddle you! Success on Public land simple the new Tethrd Mantis to safely climb the tree pound range, and efficiently! Saddle anyone else looking at the new Tethrd Mantis xl, used a hand of. I use hang on tree tethrd tree saddle, self climbers and a tree stand again Johnson ( verified owner –... Build Reactions: b8hickman, OuachitaMtnMan, bottomlands and tethrd tree saddle others woods with no agricultural around... Hunting Treestand rope lineman ’ tethrd tree saddle rope ” to the tree saddle made. Our newest tree saddle … the Phantom tree saddle that contributes to its all day hunts is comparable to new! Position for almost any shot Black Diamond carabiner and Ropeman 1 and auto-locking... Full body harness: b8hickman, OuachitaMtnMan, bottomlands and 9 others to add the 2 clipeez and the hauler! 100 % made in America SH Members have access to post in the classifieds 1 spliced... ( above ) from Tethrd takes “ Treestand ” agility to a level.
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