Remove Hotpoint oven door a few inches to reach the “stop point.” Grab each side of the door and lift straight up to remove. Check out our blog to help you in your decision making process: WHEN SHOULD I BUY A NEW APPLIANCE? In Stock Next Day Delivery Available. A specialist isn’t the answer – a new oven might be! Learn how your comment data is processed. No tools are necessary to replace this part. or Best Offer. 579 oven stove range. Check: 1. Watch Video. Hotpoint Range/Stove/Oven Screw. If your oven has a temperature indicator light, you can use this to help determine whether the fault lies with the thermostat or the element when your oven … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. $15.71. We are unable to confirm if this part will fit with model number "". Have specific questions regarding your Hotpoint oven? This light bulb lens covers the interior light bulb in an oven, range, or stove. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We only have 0 part(s) in stock. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. We only have 0 part(s) in stock. In Stock. I attempted to light the pilot light in my hot point oven. Shop Hotpoint 24-in 4 Elements 2.9-cu ft Freestanding Electric Range (White) in the Single Oven Electric Ranges department at Lowe' That the main cooker wall switch is turned on. WB2K27 GE HOTPOINT Range Oven Lens Retainer BAIL WB08T10026 Socket WB36x192 . Hotpoint RB780DHBB 30 Inch Freestanding Electric Range with 5.0 cu. Hotpoint oven Temp Light stays on the heating element on the bottom of my hotpoint oven recently split into a few pieces while using the oven. Then it is likely that there is no electricity supply to your oven. not currently rated. ( Log Out /  or Best Offer . Watch Video. This part is suitable for selected Hotpoint Freezers. 3 to 5 years old I think. With most appliances and equipment there are only a … I have a Hotpoint electric oven that is getting extremely hot. This lamp is a genuine spare part compatible with select models of Ariston, Cannon, Creda, Hotpoint,.. 0 / 5. it would turn off thanks . It remains lit as long as the oven is operating. Oven Light Grill Pan, Food support and Anti-Splash Tray Top Oven Door Fan Grill Element Oven Shelves Main Oven Door Rod Shelf Inner Door Glass Oven Light Oven Fan Stay Clean Liner Meat pan and Roasting rack Model & Serial number Inner Door Glass Top Oven Pilot Main Oven Pilot. This Hotpoint electric cooker has an A/A rating, main electric fan oven, second conventional oven/grill & programmable timer. ( Log Out /  This pilot light is a genuine spare part that will fit select models of Ariston, Cannon, Hotpoint, I.. 0 / 5. By selecting the light is switched on without any of the heating … To light the pilot, push in and hold the oven control knob. When the oven dial is set to OFF, the oven indicator light turns on. | Troubleshooting a Gas Stove Ignitor. £14.74 More info. How to Light the Pilot Light in Your Hotpoint Oven: Why Does My Stove Keep Clicking? Next Day Delivery. During this period the fan may switch off and on, this is perfectly normal. How To Clean Your Electric Stove. To replace the light, you must remove the glass light cover, which protects the light from the heat of the oven. $4.20 shipping. Is this part compatible with my appliance. What to do.. New pilot light assembly? Genuine OEM Part # WB1X5364 | RC Item # 243914. Related Articles & Videos. Contractor's Assistant: Do you plan on doing the work yourself? We offer a price match guarantee on all our parts. $12.00. ADD TO CART. Indicator light. If you are not sure how to locate this then try our handy Model Finder Guide. Please use the model list below to check this part fits your appliance This part is suitable for selected Hotpoint Freezers. Hotpoint Oven Burning/Undercooking Food If your Hotpoint oven problem entails the cooker burning or undercooking food, this could mean your cookers thermostat is broken. 3. Once this panel is removed, you can see the back of all 4 burner switches. It is recommended to check the light bulb while the lens cover is removed in case it needs to be replaced. But, in general when looking inside of the oven many gas models will typically have a burner tube at the bottom (it will usually either be exposed or underneath a panel). If the light it off, that is the switch you need to replace. Once the pilot is lit, continue holding knob down for at least one minute. Most of our modern Hotpoint appliances are fitted with a cooling fan to prevent the controls getting too hot. When this occurs, check the unit to determine if it is operating normally. View and Download Hotpoint DSC60G instructions for installation and use manual online. Generally speaking gas ovens and ranges are more preferred than electric ovens because they provide the chef in the house with more control over the heating temperatures. Please note your order may be delayed whilst we await stock. ANSWER Pat, Normally the indicator light will come on when the oven is on and not go off until the oven cools. Located on the back of the oven bottom, attached to the left side of the oven burner you will find the pilot light. £25.08 More info. Free delivery available at Any help will be appreciated. Common Hotpoint Oven Faults Oven won’t turn on. my oven is not heating the lights are coming on. My suggestion would be to enter your model number into a search engine and see if you you can find the user manual, that should have all the information you need in it! Standard clean oven: Smooth surface makes cleaning by hand easier; Standard window: Provides a convenient viewing area to check the progress of food; Two oven racks: Feature a durable construction to help accommodate any size or type of cookware. i got a von hotpot 7312 NED from a person leaving the country,,how would i tell if oven is electric or gas? Contractor's Assistant: Can you guesstimate how old your Hotpoint is? After plugging it in we tested the oven and the burners. Grab oven bottom by the finger slots on each side and lift it up and slide it out of the oven. $4.00 shipping. My oven has buttons that controls my oven. Located in the center of the range between each set of burner, light both pilots using a match. HOTPOINT RANGE STOVE TOP PART # WB62K10058. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Free shipping. Common Problems . Change ). Be the first to ask a question for this product. $4.24. Ransom Spares sell spares, parts and accessories for the home and garden we promote a "repair" culture instead of a "throw away" society. ft. Capacity Oven, 4 Radiant Elements, Self Clean, Ceramic Glass Cooktop, View Window and Removable Storage Drawer